iPad mini

What phone or tablet would be best for a security guard to monitor cameras?

Episode 946

Ed from Chino Hills, CA

Ed works for a company who uses Motorola Android phones, and the 80 year old security guard can't use the small keyboard and has not been a computer user at all. He'll need something to check the security cameras if the alarm system goes off. Ed was thinking about possibly getting an iPad Mini.

Leo Returns from Cruise, Has New Outlook on Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini

Episode 929

Tanned, rested and ready to rock, Leo returns to the Tech Guy Show and your calls. Leo spent the last two weeks on a cruise in the South Pacific. Leo says that internet speeds on a cruise ship weren't that fast and had to be shared by 2000 people. So he'd get up at 3AM just to read his email. And he's not looking forward to his cellphone bill as his data plan was costing him $20 a MegaByte! Leo also brought his iPad Mini and the Windows Surface RT, and it was amazing how much both wanted to be online, which was dragged to a crawl.

Is the iPad Mini good for the visually impaired?

Apple iPad Mini

Episode 924

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian checked out the iPad Mini and it was pretty cool, and what's cool is that it has stereo speakers. Not even the iPad 3 or 4 have that. Leo says calling it "stereo" is being generous. It's more two speakers side by side.

Julian didn't buy it, however, because he's visually impaired and says the iPhone works fine for him. Julian says that the Best in Tech Conference is coming on Nov. 17, 9-3p in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Culver City.

First Impressions of iPad Mini

Episode 923

Leo picked up a black iPad Mini and he likes the size. He says that Apple chose the 4x3 aspect ratio, while competitors have chosen to go with 16x9 to better to accommodate video. The reason may be because it's the same aspect ratio as a sheet of paper which is better for reading books. Leo says he likes it better for that. Leo says he's probably going to take it on his trip instead of his regular sized iPad. There are a few negatives, however.

Are PCs being replaced by portable computers?

Episode 922

In what Steve Jobs referred to as the "post PC era," it seems like most of the latest product announcements have been mobile computers. The iPad Mini, the 4th Generation iPad, and even Microsoft's Surface RT (which Leo has now and is really liking it) are all examples of this. Even when Google announced the ChromeBook, did the tech world utter a collective yawn?

The post PC era may be here, but even Apple recognizes that the desktop isn't completely dead. Apple announced refreshed versions of the Mac Mini, 13" Macbook Pro with Retina screen, and a very gorgeous iMac.