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Why can't I use AirPlay with my iPad Mini?

Apple iPad Mini

Episode 1161

Corrine from Los Angeles, CA

Corrine has an iPad Mini that she uses with Airplay and Apple TV. She upgraded to iOS 8, but she can't see it. Apparently there is a mirroring issue with the Mini after a recent update. Leo says it's important to also update her Apple TV when she updates her iPhone. If she does that, chances are, it'll work.

The chatroom also says she has to scroll deeper into the menu to see it. Leo says she can go into her contacts application in the Mac, merge all of her contact duplicates and it'll merge them on the next sync.

Should I wait to buy the iPhone 6 until people return it for being too big?

Apple HQ

Episode 1113

Dale from Santa Monica, CA

Dale is thinking about waiting until the larger iPhone 6 comes out and then buying it refurbished after people return it for being too big. Leo says that's a great idea. His patience will always be rewarded and even with this, Apple will likely lower the price on the iPhone 5 or 5S after the 6 comes out. Leo says that with the size of the iPhone 6 being 5.5 inches (rumored), it may end up cannibalizing the iPad Mini.

How can I view and sort my photos with a tablet?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1048

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA

Jim is an amateur photographer who reviews his pictures on the camera to delete the ones he doesn't like. For Christmas, he got an iPad Mini, and would like to preview the images on his camera card. Leo says that the iPad Mini doesn't have a set file system like that. Jim understood that and returned it. Leo says Jim didn't have to do that, he could've gotten the camera connection kit which would allow him to plug in an SD card.

Apple Surprises Everyone, Releases iPad Mini with Retina Display Ahead of Schedule

iPad mini with Retina display

Episode 1031

Apple surprised everyone on Tuesday by releasing the iPad mini with Retina display. At midnight Cupertino time, Apple quietly made the new iPad mini available for purchase.

iPad mini with Retina display on sale now starting at $399…

Hands-On With iPad Air

iPad Air

Episode 1027

Leo got his iPad Air this week and he's very happy with the weight. Leo says that at 1.0lb, it feels considerably lighter, without being too light. He also says that with the reduced bezel, iPad Air is about a 1/2" smaller. The Air is very comfortable in portrait mode, and you can type with your thumbs, which you couldn't do with the older models.

Apple Prepares for October 22nd Event

Episode 1024

Invitations went out this week for another Apple Event on October 22nd, this time at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The larger venue usually points to several announcments, and Leo says it's likely that the 5th Generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 will be announced. Leo is skeptical that the Mini will get a Retina display this time around, even though it sorely needs one. What else could it have? A larger battery, and a more powerful processor. But if it doesn't have a Retina screen, will it be a flop?