ipad air

What is the fastest iPad?

Episode 1747

Chris from Oklahoma

Chris wants the fastest iPad he can get, Is the Pro better? Leo says that the new iPad Air is the fastest out there right now. Faster than the iPad Pro. But the Pro will likely come out with a new model in the Spring. So if you can wait until then, then do. If you can't, then the Air is a good move and the designs are very similar. The pro may be a better screen. But not by much.

Apple Announces New iPads and a New Apple Watch.


Episode 1729

This week, Apple announced a new Apple Watch Series 6 and a new 8th Gen iPad and iPad Air. But no mention of an iPhone, which Leo believes will be announced in October. The iPad Air looks more like an iPad Pro and has many of the same features. That's it. watchOS and iPadOS were also announced and shipping this week.

The iPhone was announced to be delayed due to the CoVid19 pandemic but could come next month, definitely by the holidays.

Should I Buy a New iPad?


Episode 1577

Gene from Rochester, NY

Dave wants to know if the new iPads are worth buying. Leo says that the standard new iPads are faster, using the same chip as the iPhone XS, and have a slightly better retina display. They also support the new Apple Pencil. But for a few hundred dollars more, you can get the iPad Pro, with a larger, bezeless screen. 

What computer should I buy for my mom?

Episode 1117

Wendy from Yorba Linda, CA

Wendy is considering getting a computer for her Mom. Leo says that computers are too complicated for most people, especially seniors. He recommends an iPad. It's a lot easier, and you can use SIRI to open apps, dictate email, and surf the net. And there's a 12.9" iPad rumored to be coming next month. Leo also says that Wendy will have to get one with LTE and that will be an additional monthly cost.

Hands-On With iPad Air

iPad Air

Episode 1027

Leo got his iPad Air this week and he's very happy with the weight. Leo says that at 1.0lb, it feels considerably lighter, without being too light. He also says that with the reduced bezel, iPad Air is about a 1/2" smaller. The Air is very comfortable in portrait mode, and you can type with your thumbs, which you couldn't do with the older models.

Should I get the iPad Air?

Episode 1025

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom wants to know if he should get iPad Air. Leo says it's too soon to tell, but Apple has made it 40% lighter, and it's narrower while retaining the same screen size as previous full sized iPads. Leo says the Air will be a very good choice if he has an iPad or iPad 2, maybe even an iPad 3.

If he has an iPad 4, there really isn't any hurry to upgrade unless he just likes having the latest and greatest. Leo is actually preferring the iPad Mini with Retina display. It's even better because the DPI is higher, making it more sharp, along with the same guts as the iPad Air.