iPad 2

Why isn't my iPad syncing to my PC?

Apple iPad Air 2

Episode 1328

Lori from Napa Valley, CA

Lori is having a problem with her iPad 2. She syncs it over Wi-Fi, but lately when she tries to plug it in to her PC, it won't let her sync. It just requests to restore to a backup. Jason says that the PC is looking at the iPad as if it's a new one and can't identify it. Updating iTunes on the PC and iOS on the iPad could help. The iPad 2 doesn't support iOS 10, though. She may be at the end of the line there. If it offers to set it up as a new iPad, that may be OK, as it pulls the data off the iPad and syncs it. That can be scary, so Lori should have iCloud backup enabled.

Why do I keep getting a "no SIM card" warning on my iPad 2?

Episode 1225

John from California

John randomly started getting the message that said "No SIM Card" on his iPad 2. He took it to AT&T and they gave him a new SIM card, but after a couple weeks, it started giving him that message again. Leo suspects the issue is something in the iPad, such as a short circuit that's actually frying SIM cards. It is an older iPad, and Leo suggests bringing it to the Apple store. But it most likely won't be a free repair. He shouldn't do anything to it himself -- he should have Apple look at it.

It might just be time to get a new one, though.

How can I make my iPad 2 run faster?

Episode 1217

Alan from Hawaii

Alan is wondering if his iPad 2 could wear out. Leo says only if he bangs it around to physically damage it. Alan says it doesn't work as fast as it used to, though. Leo says that the one flaw of solid state memory is that it gets slower over time. So it may be worthwhile to refresh it from time to time. It's the same advice with mobile devices as with computers. About once a year, it's a good idea to backup your data and then wipe and refresh the device. It won't get it back to 100% of the original speed, but it should get most of the way.

Why does my old iPad 2 run so slow?

Episode 1194

Steve from Costa Mesa, CA

Steve has an old iPad 2 and it's slowing down a lot. Leo says that for an iPad 2 running iOS 8, the problem is that the demands on the iPad have gotten harder and it's not keeping up well. He could try resetting it and wiping out everything. But that may not help with the current iOS 8. The only real sure fix is to upgrade to a new iPad.

Some say that iOS 9 is going to be a leaner, more efficient OS, so it may be worth waiting until then. But at the end the day, it may be time to get a new one. Steve can try starting over first to see if that'll help for now.

Should I update my iPad with iOS 7?

Episode 1022

Bob from Elmwood Park, NJ

Bob has heard a lot about iOS 7, and that it's more processor intensive and has had a dramatic effect on iPad 2's battery life. Leo has not heard this, and in fact he has an iPad Mini which is similar in spec to an iPad 2. Leo's battery life has not been effected by updating to iOS 7. Leo says it's nice to have iOS 7 because some apps have already been designed for it. There are some negatives to iOS 7, but Leo still recommends updating because Apple will push it on him sooner or later.

Invitations Have Been Sent Out for Apple's Next Announcement

Episode 919

In what has become the best kept secret that everyone knows, Apple has sent invitations for "a little more to show you." The "little" being the operative word that points strongly to the announcement of the iPad mini coming. 7.85" screen. iPad 2 specs. iOS 6 and Siri, more likely. Other than that, we're filling in the blanks. And the new Lightning connector. We're also expecting a new iMac, Mac Mini, and 13" Macbook Pro Retina. No retina for the iMac, though. Too big. Price points will probably be the same.

Wasn't the iPad Mini supposed to come out Wednesday?

Episode 910

Johnny from Mountain View, CA

Johnny heard from Kim Kommando that the iPad Mini was going to be announced on Wednesday, but it wasn't. Leo says that Kommando isn't that knowledgable when it comes to products that are about to break. The truth is, Apple doesn't say anything about what's coming up. The conventional wisdom, however, is that Apple will announce it in October. It will likely be 7.85 inches, and have the same specs as the iPad 2.

How can I transfer an MP4 video file from my Windows computer to a friend's iPad?

Episode 908

Steve from Mill Valley, CA

Leo says that the easiest way is to import it to iTunes. Not all mp4s are encoded the same way, though, and it may not be compatible with the iPad. He did use Handbrake and used the iPad preset to encode it, so that should be fine.

When he connects the iPad to iTunes, it wants to erase the iPad. Leo says that's normal, and for copy protection reasons it won't let him sync that iPad to another computer. He could give his friend the file, he could import it to his iTunes library, and sync it to his iPad.