Secure Your Smartphone

Securing your smartphone is simple, quick, and very important in the event that it gets left behind somewhere or stolen.

The first thing you can do is put a friend or spouse’s phone number on the lock screen of your Android or iOS device. Create an image with a simple message such as “If lost, please return to Me (212)-555-1212.” Then set that image as the lock screen. If your phone lands in the hands of a good samaritan, this will help them get the phone back to you.

Securing an iOS device

How can I get my mobile phone to read to me?

Episode 1008

Julien from California

Julien is blind and he uses an Android phone. It's gotten to the point where it does just as good of a job with accessibility as the iPhone. He recommends a pure Google phone because overlays from companies like HTC get in the way of it. The Nexus phone is the best one for those needing accessibility. Leo also says the Moto-X would be good for that reason as well.

Julien is a trainer for visually impaired people using smartphones, and his website is

How can I get my iPhone to send SMS instead of iMessage?

Episode 1007

Cliff from Tampa, FL

Cliff recently bought a Motorola Moto-X for his wife. He's holding out for the Note 3. Leo says that the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced Sept 4th.

The problem is that they are an iPhone family, and text messages won't send via SMS. Leo says that to go into the person's contact entry and uncheck the box that says 'iMessage'. Then it'll go to SMS. Leo says that iMessage has a flaw that prevents it from knowing when to send a text as iMessage. Leo also says that this is part of Apple's way to keep users in the Apple ecosystem.

Should I get the new Nexus 7 tablet or an iPad?

Episode 1000

John from San Diego, CA

John wants to transfer his photos and music from his Mac to a tablet. He was thinking of getting an iPad because he already has a Mac desktop, and is concerned that it'd be more complicated to transfer his data to Android. Leo says it isn't really any more difficult to move data to a Nexus 7, and the easiest way to do it with either tablet is through Dropbox.

Which is better, Android or iPhone?

Episode 998

Chris from Victorville, CA

Chris wants to know what Leo thinks of the iPhone. Leo says he prefers Android because it has evolved much faster. Apple only releases a new model once a year.

Leo likes having the systemwide "back" button that Android provides. iPhone users are stuck with the stock keyboard, whereas Android allows for other keyboards to be installed. Android phones also have larger screens. It may be a bit prettier, but it's certainly not more functional. However, this is all Leo's opinion, and the iPhone is right for many people still.

Why isn't iMessages working consistently?

Episode 995

Steve from Marina Del Rey, CA

Steve made the switch to an iPhone from his old Palm Pilot. The interface is very similar to the old Palm, but the iMessage app sometimes defaults to text message instead, charging him. Leo says that iMessage has never really worked right. There are internet only text messaging apps like Google Hangouts that he could use instead. There's also What's App, which also uses data. The addressee has to have a similar setup, though.

Can iPads get phished?

Episode 988

Shelby from Hacienda Heights, CA

Shelley opened a strange link on her iPad and she's worried she got nailed by a phishing virus. Leo says no need to worry! An iPad can't get nailed by malware like that. It's not vulnerable. She should just make sure not to open it from a PC, and delete that email immediately! This is why an iPad is a great option for surfing and email.