Should I upgrade to iOS 8.4?

Episode 1203

Alan from Antioch, IL

Alan is hesitant to upgrade to iOS 8.4 because he's heard that Bluetooth doesn't work when connecting his lighting cable in the car. Leo says that it's a noted issue on the support boards. But Leo says it will likely be fixed with the next update and iOS 9 is coming this fall, so it won't be long if there's a bug out now.

He could try the public beta of iOS 9 which is out, but it is a bit buggy. In fact, Leo recommends just not upgrading. The only thing that iOS 8.4 really did was update Apple Music. That, and the Twitter bug is also fixed.

How can I fix my iPhone 5S after the iOS 8 update messed it up?

Episode 1196

Diane from Riverside, CA

Diane updated her iPhone 5S to iOS 8 and now it's not running properly. She clicks on one app and another one opens. Leo says that there's always the potential of something going wrong when updating an operating system. It's like trying to pull a table cloth out from under dishes and trying to put another table cloth in its place.

Can I downgrade to iOS 7?

Apple iPad

Episode 1134

Walter from Huntington Beach, CA

Walter wants to downgrade to iOS 7 but Apple says he can't. Leo says that's right. There's no going back. There used to be a loophole to restore to iOS 7, but it won't work because Apple stopped signing iOS 7 and he won't be able to activate it. Leo does recommend talking to a Genius at the Apple Store. They may know some "secret sauce." Otherwise his only option may be to jailbreak it.

What's up with BendGate?

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Episode 1122

Kenny from Temple, TX

Kenny wants to know if the bend gate scandal with the iPhone 6 is legit. Leo says no, it's mostly hype. But by making a thin phone with a metal backing, it can bend. Consumer Reports says it takes up to 90 lbs of pressure to do that. And with a good strong case, it should be fine. There is a slight weak spot though at the bottom of the volume rocker, but that's true with all phones. In fact, the HTC One is even more bendable.

Will the new iOS "Hey Siri" feature kill my battery?

iPhone 6 and iOS 8

Episode 1119

Daniel from Glendora, CA

Daniel wants to know how "Hey Siri" in iOS 8 can affect battery life. Leo says it always listens, so it's going to affect battery life, which is why it only works when the phone is plugged in. The good news is, he can turn it off. But it doesn't listen how he thinks it does -- it's comparing wave forms and if the wave form matches the wave form of "hey siri," then it wakes up. So it's not really eavesdropping on him, per se.