Can I downgrade to iOS 7?

Apple iPad

Episode 1134

Walter from Huntington Beach, CA

Walter wants to downgrade to iOS 7 but Apple says he can't. Leo says that's right. There's no going back. There used to be a loophole to restore to iOS 7, but it won't work because Apple stopped signing iOS 7 and he won't be able to activate it. Leo does recommend talking to a Genius at the Apple Store. They may know some "secret sauce." Otherwise his only option may be to jailbreak it.

How can I free up space on my iPhone?

Apple iPhone 5

Episode 1051

Joe from Kansas City, MO

Joe's iPhone 5 is having issues with Messages. When he erases messages, it doesn't free up any of the space on his phone. Apple says it's a known bug. Leo says there's a program called iBackupBot which will backup his phone, then delete the info and restore what's left to the phone. Or, he can backup his phone to the cloud, then toggle documents and data to off, and then restore.

Why are OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 causing so many problems?

Episode 1047

Todd from Freedonia

Todd has been having a lot of problems getting his 2009 iMac to boot with Mavericks, and he's been having problems with audio cutting out when watching videos. Leo says that Mavericks seems to have a lot of bugs, and since most of them are not consistent on every machine, it's hard for Apple to fix them. We put Apple up on a pedestal, and expect more from them, but there are bugs and problems nonetheless. Leo says that his installation sounds particularly bad, so he should try reinstalling Mavericks. If the problem persists, it could be that he has a failing hard drive.

Leo's Impressions of iPhone 5S

Episode 1021

Leo got his iPhone 5s when he got home from vacation and his thumbnail review is that he loves the Touch ID authentication. It's really easy to use. He also likes that he can make purchases without having to input a password every time. TouchID will ask to rescan your fingerprint from different angles to get a more accurate impression of your print. It asks you to hold the phone differently so it can scan from side angles, which is very effective.

iOS 7 Designed for Experienced Smartphone Users

Episode 1017

Leo says that when it first came out, the iPhone was kind of easy to use with a design that made it easier for the new user to get around on. But iOS 7 is natively digital and appeals more to the experienced user. It's not just getting rid of the stitched leather and torn page designs - Apple is pushing designers to redesign their apps to be more digitally appealing. There's a great read for developers called The Human Interface Guidelines by Apple.

Rumors Suggesting 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'

Episode 1003

As we get towards fall, rumors are flying about when Apple will announce the next generation iPhone. The two rumored iPhones will be the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C will be available in a variety of colors, according to reports, and will be lower in cost. Leo says we won't see a lot of hardware advancements as we are on the 'tock' of the 'tick-tock' cycle. We will see the obvious software refinements that we have already learned from the iOS7 announcement a few months back.