iOS 7

Why does my iPhone die with battery life left?

Episode 1036

Rafael from Oporto, Portugal

Rafael's phone dies while he still has battery life remaining. Leo says that the phone guesses how much battery life remains and often it's an inaccurate guess. So it should be taken with a grain of salt. It may have just crashed, though. Leo says to charge the phone all the way up and then run it down until it shuts down. Do this several times and he will essentially "teach" his phone how long its battery life is.

It may also be a defective phone. Leo advises documenting his experience with it, and taking it to the Apple Store.

Should I update my iPad with iOS 7?

Episode 1022

Bob from Elmwood Park, NJ

Bob has heard a lot about iOS 7, and that it's more processor intensive and has had a dramatic effect on iPad 2's battery life. Leo has not heard this, and in fact he has an iPad Mini which is similar in spec to an iPad 2. Leo's battery life has not been effected by updating to iOS 7. Leo says it's nice to have iOS 7 because some apps have already been designed for it. There are some negatives to iOS 7, but Leo still recommends updating because Apple will push it on him sooner or later.

Apple Announces iPhone 5s with Touch ID Fingerprint Recognition

Episode 1013

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone 5S which comes with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, which Leo says is an innovation that explains why Apple never chose to use NFC (near field communications) into their phone. Leo says that Touch ID has the option of being a new way to make purchases. But privacy advocates says that Touch ID could cause people to incriminate themselves as fingerprints are not protected by the 5th amendment. So Touch ID does affect user privacy in a very fundamental fashion. Leo also doesn't see the virtue of a 64 bit iOS operating system.