iOS 6

First Impressions of iPad Mini

Episode 923

Leo picked up a black iPad Mini and he likes the size. He says that Apple chose the 4x3 aspect ratio, while competitors have chosen to go with 16x9 to better to accommodate video. The reason may be because it's the same aspect ratio as a sheet of paper which is better for reading books. Leo says he likes it better for that. Leo says he's probably going to take it on his trip instead of his regular sized iPad. There are a few negatives, however.

If I switch to an Android phone, how will it sync and integrate with my Apple products?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Episode 920

Greg from Marina Del Rey, CA

The key is to switch over to other third party programs for syncing data. Here are some alternatives to Apple services that will work on Android phones:

  • Google Contacts & Calendars
  • If he uses Google for contacts and calendars, he'll be able to sync this across all of his devices. This works with both iOS and Android devices.

Is there any third party app to give me the functionality of the old Music player app in iOS?

Episode 916

Kerry from Mount Holly, NJ

Kerry has an iPad, and he doesn't like to update because when they do, certain things he uses and enjoys disappear. For instance, the music app used to be for video and audio, and now it's separated. He hates how the videos are listed. VLC may be a good option, but there are dozens more video viewers in the app store.

Why won't my Facebook app open after installing iOS 6?


Episode 913

Dana from Long Beach, CA

Facebook has updated the app for iOS 6, so first she should make sure she's running the latest version of it. Since she does have the most recent version, Leo suggests just deleting the app and reinstalling it. Sometimes files can get corrupt in the upgrade and that could be what happened.

It also could be a problem on Facebook's end. Sometimes their servers may not be responding, and she'll have to wait for them to fix it.