Intuit Buys Credit Karma


Episode 1674

Intuit has bought credit reporting app Credit Karma for $7 Billion. Leo says that Intuit isn't really buying the app: they don't care. What they are buying is your personal credit data, which Intuit says is worth about $70 a head. Leo thinks that a person should be able to opt-out or at least get some value from their own personal data. 

Intuit Sells Quicken

Episode 1267

A private equity firm bought Quicken from Intuit and promises to update it. Quicken is 33 years old, and balancing checkbooks is one of the first things people did with their computers. Intuit had been trying to sell the Quicken division since August. Quickbooks and Turbotax are more profitable because they have cloud services as well. But the Quicken desktop app hasn't been doing as well for Intuit.

Why did Mint alert me of a low balance 2 weeks late?

Episode 1182

Bennie from Pasadena, CA

Mint is a website and app that was bought by Intuit, the makers of the popular Quicken program. Instead of having to enter in every transaction manually, Mint can automatically categorize your transactions and show account information. It's secure and safe, but sometimes Mint's notifications are late. Bennie doesn't have to worry though, Mint is secure.