How can I use an Apple TV without an internet connection?

Apple TV

Episode 992

Pat from San Bernadino, CA

Pat wants to know if he can use an AppleTV without an Internet connection. Leo says that if he doesn't need to stream anything from the internet, he could still use it in Airplay Mode, or connect it to his network and stream content from there. He may run into some error messages with the Apple TV trying to connect to the internet, though. If he selects any of the internet enabled apps, they obviously wouldn't work. It should work fine within his own network, though.

Johnny Jet

Episode 991

Johnny Jet calls in from Germany, as he sails the Danube. He was recently in Africa and may have suffered from a small bout of Malaria while he was there, but he's much better now. He found an app called Urgent Care. It's free in the app store, and gives you not only free info, but will route your call to a registered nurse or doctor for $3.99 per call.

Is there a way to record live streaming sports online?

Episode 988

John from San Diego, CA

John is a sports fan and he wants to be able to record live streaming sports online. Leo says that the idea behind streaming is that they don't want people to record it. He could always view or download it from them at a later date. There is a company called Applian that does just that, however. He'll want the Applian Replay Media Capture. He should download the free trial to make sure it works.

Why are my Google Chrome favorites all messed up? (Part 1)

Episode 988

Jeff from Spokane, WA

Jeff is having problems with his favorites in Google Chrome. Leo says that a nice feature of Chrome is that it can sync everything in the browser, from links to themes. First, Jeff should make sure he doesn't have any other bookmark sync programs installed. Leo recommends going into the bookmarks manager on his main computer to clean it up. Then he should sync it again, but wait a little bit before using another computer.

How long can companies keep my email address?

Episode 987

John from Charlotteville, NC

John wants to know how long companies can keep his email address? He's concerned about signing up for trial offers, and the company keeping his address. Leo says companies can keep email addresses as long as they want. He also says that anything after six months is considered abandoned and then anyone can access it. John should assume when he signs up that no one will get rid of the email because it's all used for marking. It's really not anything to worry too much about, though.

How would I sell and ship products online?

Episode 986

Alem from Montreal, Quebec CAN

Alem and a friend in the US have created a product they want to sell online. Leo says that shipping to other countries will involve tariffs and taxes. So it's important to fulfill in country. Leo says that Amazon does fullfillment and they specialize on small businesses and can handle overseas shipping as well. If it's a tech product, there's also NewEgg. Both handle fullfillment for small businesses.

Are there USB to HDMI converters for streaming video?

Episode 986

Ken from Simi Valley, CA

Ken was streaming video on an older laptop linked to his TV, and the TV gave up the ghost. His new TV has no VGA port. Is there a USB to HDMI converter? Leo says yes, it's an analog converter, but it works. The quality won't be as good and USB isn't all that fast for super high resolution. How can it do that if it's bypassing the video card? Leo says it's done with onboard software.

Johnny Jet

Episode 985

Johnny Jet joins us to talk more about and he found some tips in the chatroom last week. MacMan says that there's an app that allows you to point your iPhone to the sky where a plane is and it'll tell you what flight it is. Johnny also says there's a great site called that allows you to find out what plane is flying into that airport. Another site from the chatroom is that shows where planes are going via their transponders.

How should I use social media to market my small business?

Episode 982

Deon from Los Angeles, Ca

Deon has a business with a website, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. He's wondering how to coordinate all of it. Leo says that Deon is doing the right thing by starting with a website. He needs to be where his customers are, though. So, if they're on Facebook, he should be on Facebook. He can use it as a place to post pictures and news. He should also give value to the posts, such as tips and tricks. He may want to also look into using Pinterest, and even possibly Flickr.

Yahoo Announces Redesigned Flickr With 1TB of Free Storage

Episode 981

Yahoo has announced a gorgeous new redesign of Flickr giving users 1TB of free storage.

In addition, Yahoo announced the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. The news was met with many faithful Tumblr users declaring they were quitting. WordPress said that in the first hour after the announcement, over 72,000 users moved their Tumblr blogs over to Leo says that it's a cagey move to buy Tumblr, as the young demographic is abandoning sites like Facebook and moving to Tumblr, Twitter and Snapchat.