How can I stream from my tablet using Chromecast?

Episode 1009

Steve from Malibu, CA

Steve lives 30 miles outside of LA and he's stuck using Dish. All he watches are movies and Network news. Leo says that he could cut the cord, but he doesn't have great Internet access. He has DSL that's fast enough to stream, so he wants to know if he needs anything else but the Chromecast to stream content. Leo says that Chromecast has an app. He can turn his TV to the Chromecast player and then enter the Wi-Fi access configuration information.

How can I use the Internet in China?

Episode 1005

Eileen from Huntington Beach, CA

Eileen is interested in VPN services when she goes to China. Leo says that in many cases, the Chinese government will block VPNs and in some cases, it could put up a red flag. Leo spent a few weeks in China a few years back and access to different social media comes and goes. There's a great Wikipedia Page which lists what works and what doesn't. Another good one is

How can I avoid getting a cancellation fee from my Internet service?

Episode 1001

Doug from Huntington Beach, CA

Doug moved into a different building in his apartment complex. Now he can't use DSL Extreme because they don't have the wires installed. He's angry that DSL Extreme charged him a cancellation fee. Leo says to be fair, it wasn't DSL Extreme's fault. It's the apartment complex. If he's nice and talk to either tech support or a manager and explain the issue, they may take help him. It's important to understand that this isn't their fault, though.

Time Warner Cable Drops CBS

Episode 1001

Time Warner Cable has dropped CBS in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas after CBS asked for a 600% increase in their licensing fees. They also took off CBS' other cable networks including Showtime.

CBS responded by blocking Time Warner Internet customers trying to stream CBS content. Leo says we've seen this kind of brinksmanship before as both sides angle. Leo says it's like dinosaur's fighting and there's no winners, especially the consumers.

Why is my laptop having trouble connecting to the Internet?

Episode 993

Martin from Los Angeles, CA

Martin is having trouble connecting to the Internet with Internet Explorer. It always asks him what to connect with. Leo says that IE is messed up and that using Chrome or Firefox would be a good way to eliminate that as the culprit. If that's not fixing the issue, then Leo suspects that Martin's laptop may have malware on it and that's preventing connection, or potentially a hardware problem.