Why is my Internet streaming so slow in the evening?

Episode 1057

Dave from Santa Clarita, CA

Dave cut the cable with Time Warner. He's now using Netflix, but he's suffering from severe a slowdown from 20MB to 0.5 MB down. Leo says that's because everyone in Dave's neighborhood is watching Netflix all at the same time. Leo also thinks that Comcast is slowing down Netflix traffic on purpose. So Time Warner cable may be doing the same thing. Leo also says that it may be Wi-Fi congestion. Try connecting a hardwire and see if the streaming improves. If it doesn't, then it's clear that Dave's internet service is being throttled.

Why is OpenDNS disabled on my network?

Episode 1057

Andrew from Wiclow, Ireland

Andrew wants to know why OpenDNS is disabled on his network. Leo says it may be that his Mac is set up to do its own DNS. He'll have to go into the internet settings on the Mac and take out any DNS entries that are there. Then he should lock those settings with an administrator password so his kids won't be able to just change the DNS to something else. He should remember that as his kids get smarter, they're going to figure a way around it. So the best thing is to talk to his kids about making good choices.

How can I deal with negative and untrue posts about me online?

Episode 1054

Bill from Los Angeles, CA

Bill is having problems with someone who is maligning him on the Internet by posting stuff that isn't true. Leo says all he can really do is sue them for liable. The record industry does this with music pirates. Unfortunately he can't force Google to take it down. He'll have to get a lawyer who knows about Internet law and sue them.

Why is my laptop so slow on the internet?

Episode 1053

Bill from Santa Clarita, CA

Bill has Time Warner Cable for his broadband and he uses wireless to his laptop. He's having connection issues because it's slow, though. Leo recommends first running to measure how slow it actually is. He should try connecting directly to the modem via Ethernet to see if it's still slow. If it is, it's a computer issue. If not, then the issue is with the Wi-Fi router.

It sounds like a configuration issue, though. Leo also advises creating a dummy account with administrator approvals and see how it works.

How can I get an ISDN line?

Ethernet cable

Episode 1053

David from Glendora, CA

David is a voice over artist who uses an ISDN line to do his job. But when he asked for one at the phone company, they looked at him like he was crazy. Leo says that if he lives in a smaller town, they may not offer it or may just be surprised he's asking to get one. It's a speciality line and the phone company simply doesn't want to do it because of broadband. It's not required by the FCC to offer it, and because it requires a separate switch, they just don't want to do it.

Use OpenDNS Parental Controls to Protect Your Kids Online

You may have seen programs that are meant to block websites and protect your kids online, but these can cost a lot of money and aren't the most effective solutions. For instance, if that software is just on the home PC, kids could use a different device to still access undesirable websites. Kids are also very good at finding ways to bypass this software altogether. There is a free and more effective way to do this, though, and that's through the DNS.

How can I stop Firefox from blocking a link I click on?

Episode 1044

Morris from Lake Forest, CA

Morris clicked on a link from an email that got sent to him, but Firefox won't let it open. Leo says that's a security feature designed to protect him from being taken over by hackers. Leo says that it's likely that Morris may have gotten lured by a bad email and Firefox saved him from it. Leo says it can be disabled, but it protects him and is for his own good.

Is it safer if I close out of everything else when I'm shopping online?

Episode 1042

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay wants to know if he should keep all apps closed while shopping online. Leo says not really. The real key is to make sure he's using "https" when he's shopping. That means the traffic is encrypted. What we learned from the Target breach is that it's the security afterwards, when they're storing the credit card number. Leo says that it's often possible to set up a one time only credit card that can only be used once or only with a single merchant.