Internet speeds

How fast an internet connection I need for distance learning?

Internet Speed Example

Episode 1722

Patrick from Highland Park, CA

Patrick is a teacher, and he wants to know how fast internet speed he needs to teach his kids. Leo says that most broadband connections are asymmetric, meaning that they are faster downloading than uploading. By a large portion. Minimum, you want 5MB up, 200 MB down. There's also consistency. How well the online video upload is. There can be video dropouts that could cause an issue, especially during attendance. That can be either latency or jitter. The issue can also be due to wifi. WiFi is designed to be "polite," pausing when competing for traffic comes around.

What speed internet should I get?

Episode 1274

Margaret from Burbank, CA

Margaret wants to get on the internet, but she's on a tight budget. Leo says that Margaret already has a cable subscription, so she could get a deal through them. She should ask what their cheapest package is, then shop around. DSL will be slower than cable. And the upload/download speeds they boast will be ideal max conditions. For standard email and surfing with little streaming, she should be fine with 1.5 Mbps up.

How can I get my DSL to run faster?

Episode 1204

John from Biddeford, ME

John has DSL and he's frustrated how slow it can get throughout the day -- often slower than dial up! Even worse -- he's being stonewalled by the national support center of the ISP. Leo recommends running the SpeedTest by Broadband Reports. Internet speeds are not consistent, but DSL should be more consistent. But if they have more customers than bandwidth, this can happen. It sounds like John's ISP is buying bandwidth and they simply don't have enough to go around. But it could also be bad routers and software.

How can I speed up my internet connection?

Episode 924

Mark from Bristol, TN

Mark has a laptop and suddenly everything is slowing down, and his youtube videos are skipping to the point that it's unwatchable. Leo says that YouTube being slow may just be the Internet connection. Since Mark has cable, if everyone is watching Netflix at night, the Internet will really slow down. There's only so much bandwidth to go around. The ISP denies it, but Leo thinks that the problem is with the cable company. Upload speeds shouldn't surpass download speeds. Ask for a new DOCSIS III Cable Modem, which is the latest and fastest modem.