Internet Explorer

Why are links that I paste in Chrome only showing up as text instead of a link? (Part 2)

Episode 930

Bill from Los Angeles, CA

This isn't a problem with copying and pasting. It has more to do with where he's trying to paste the link. The place he's pasting it has to recognize that it's a link and automatically convert it. Otherwise it will show up only as text. He's trying to paste it in Yahoo within Google Chrome. Pasting the link using Internet Explorer does convert it.

The chatroom says to try dragging the link over instead of copying and pasting it, and then it should turn into a hyperlink automatically.

Why won't Internet Explorer remember my password when I login to my email?

Episode 920

Irwin from Pacific Palisades, CA

Leo says that there's a setting in IE under options to allow or disallow it to remember passwords. He'll also want to be sure the site he's logging into allows for remembering username/passwords (which get saved in cookies). Also, if his browser is set to delete cookies when he closes out, that'll log him out as well.

Why do I keep getting error messages to close out of Internet Explorer?

Episode 916

Leslie from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that just happens when Internet Explorer is crashing. The web is an unpredictable place and bad code can be causing it to crash. Leo advises using the most recent version for her operating system, which would be Internet Explorer 8. She should make sure to run Windows Update regularly. In fact, set it to automatic so she doesn't have to worry about it. Also, once a month Leslie should be running Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click Start - Run - type MRT and hit enter.

Why does my browser keep re-opening windows and tabs I've just closed?

Internet Explorer

Episode 913

Frank from Chatsworth, CA

Leo doesn't think this is a malware issue because it's not opening up any malicious sites, just the ones he was previously visiting. The first thing to try is resetting Internet Explorer in settings. Doing a full reset may clear out what was causing the problem.

Frank could also do a Windows System Restore to the point before this started happening.

I had to reset Internet Explorer 7 and it messed up some of my Norton settings. How can I fix it?

Episode 904

Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA

First of all, Leo says using a six year old browser is probably causing a lot of those problems. She should update it to IE 8, or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. Leo thinks that most people should switch to Google Chrome as their browser, though.

How can I change the font in Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome

Episode 893

Mark from Ventura, CA

It's possible to temporarily change fonts by pressing "control +" in any browser. He could also change the font sizes within webmail of most email clients. If he goes to Internet Explorer's options page, and goes to Accessibility, he can override font sizes there. He can also make a global font size change that will change it everywhere by just changing the DPI in Windows.

Why won't my husband's laptop connect to our Wi-Fi network with AT&T Uverse?

Episode 893

Monica from Torrance, CA

If everything else is working on that network, then it's clear the laptop is the issue. It's possible that they're using a WPA2 password and the laptop doesn't support that. Since the laptop isn't that old, Leo doesn't think that's it. She is getting signal on the laptop, it's just not connecting to the internet. It could be Internet Explorer. Try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. It's also possible that the laptop is mis-configured for the new network. It may also be that malware is causing it, such as DNS Changer.

Why do my photos on ebay not show up until I reformat and reinstall?

Episode 878

John from Fullerton, CA

Leo says John surely shouldn't have to format and reinstall Windows every time this happens. Sometimes security software may block some images, but Leo doesn't think this is the case. Since the problem is with images showing up in Internet Explorer, John should try using a different browser. Leo suggests Google's Chrome. Leo thinks it's an excellent, fast and more secure browser. When John visits the site, if all of the images show up fine in Chrome, then there's probably something wrong in Internet Explorer.