Internet Explorer

How can I get rid of an error in Internet Explorer?

Episode 1069

Nate from Las Vegas, NV

Nate has been having an issue with his computer for a few months using Internet Explorer. Leo says that Windows "Dynamic Linked Library" files (DLL) could have been infected, causing an error and since it's spreading, it's likely to be malware. It could also be that the hard drive is getting a bit flakey and the files are on a bad sector. Or the DLL itself is corrupted. Add-ons may have been installed as well, causing issues. He should remove all of his add-ons, and try resetting his browser. He should also boot into safe mode and see if he has the same problem there as well.

How can I stop getting popups?

Google Chrome

Episode 1055

Martin from Los Angeles, CA

Martin got a popup that says that Microsoft suspects malicious activity that's causing "system breakage." Leo says it's a scam. A popup doesn't mean he's infected, but if the grammar is bad, then it's likely a scam. Since Martin is using Internet Explorer, Leo advises updating to IE11 and run his updates. Leo also suggests using Google Chrome instead. It's far safer. He'll never see those popups again with Chrome.

If Martin is using Windows 8, then he's got Windows Defender built in. If not, then he should download Microsoft Security Essentials.

How can I reset Internet Explorer 11?

Episode 1030

Bill from Yucaipa, CA

Bill says that Internet Explorer 11 isn't working after updating to Windows 8.1, but Firefox works fine. Leo says he can reset Internet Explorer.

According to the chatroom, there is a known bug in the software. Open the internet control panel by pressing Windows Key + R and then type "Inetcpl.cpl". Then go to the advanced tab, delete the personal settings, and select "reset".

Why is my laptop having trouble connecting to the Internet?

Episode 993

Martin from Los Angeles, CA

Martin is having trouble connecting to the Internet with Internet Explorer. It always asks him what to connect with. Leo says that IE is messed up and that using Chrome or Firefox would be a good way to eliminate that as the culprit. If that's not fixing the issue, then Leo suspects that Martin's laptop may have malware on it and that's preventing connection, or potentially a hardware problem.

Why do I keep getting an error message on Internet Explorer when accessing

Episode 990

Joe from California

Joe has a Hotmail account that got converted to Outlook, but Internet Explorer keeps showing an error message when he tries to use

First, Joe should try resetting the browser. To do this, he should close all open windows. Then open Internet Explorer and go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced Tab, and choose "reset". That should restart IE in factory default settings.

How can I stop Internet Explorer from crashing after hibernation?

Episode 967

Dave from California

Dave is having trouble with Internet Explorer crashing after Windows hibernates. Leo says that he has the same issue in Windows 8 where IE crashes every few pages. He recommends running the recovery or installation disk and choosing "Repair". Windows will scan his Windows installation and repair any damaged files.

In the chatroom, the suggestion is to try a restore point. Restarting from hibernate isn't really a proper restart, either. It's best to just reboot the computer completely when it goes into deep hibernation.

How can I get rid of javascript error messages?

Episode 938

Kurt from LaHabra, CA

Kurt needs to use a previous version of Internet Explorer and Windows won't let him roll back the version, but the script errors are driving him nuts. Leo says that's by design because of security issues. While Kurt needs to use it for Juno, it's only going to get worse. Leo suggests going into his options in Internet Explorer and just disable script error messages. That way it'll still debug, but it won't bother him about it.