Internet Explorer

Has Adobe Reader given me a virus?

Episode 1115

Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA

Kathy downloaded an update for Adobe Reader and now she thinks she may have been bit by a virus. Leo says if Adobe Reader had an official update, she would really need to install it because it protects her from the viruses she fears. She was told to reset the browser and she lost all her booksmarks and extensions. Leo says that's actually what he would have advised because often it's extensions that cause the trouble. That's why Leo suggests using another browser like Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is a mess.

How can I use XP online safely?

Episode 1107

Richard from Huntington Beach, CA

Richard is having issues connecting to the Internet after cleaning out his computer. It's loaded with Windows XP and he can't download any browsers. Leo says that Microsoft stopped updating Windows XP and if he can't install something like Chrome, then there's a problem that worries Leo. He says he can go onto Google, but can't run Chrome, only Internet Explorer. Leo says that he can use XP online, but only if he's careful. Here are steps to protect yourself since Microsoft has stopped supporting XP:

Is Microsoft still updating XP or am I getting a virus?

Episode 1100

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Mark noticed that he got an update for Internet Explorer on Windows XP, but didn't think there was supposed to be anymore updates from Microsoft for Windows XP. Leo says that Microsoft did break its word, and they did release an update in May for Internet Explorer. It could simply be that the update didn't get applied, and it's still trying to run the update. It also could be that a hacker is posing as Microsoft to infect his system.

Should I use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome

Episode 1088

Sandra from Bellflower, CA

Sandra wanted to know if Leo recommended using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Leo says he doesn't really like Internet Explorer, and uses Chrome instead. If she's using Internet Explorer, she should make sure to have version 11 or later to stay secure. Leo prefers Google Chrome because it has Flash built in, it sandboxes each tab, and is generally a more secure browser.

New Bug Found in Internet Explorer for Windows XP

Windows XP

Episode 1079

Not long after Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, a "zero day exploit" was discovered in Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11. Microsoft immediately patched Windows 7 and 8, but not XP. There was an outcry about it, so Microsoft relented and made an exception by quickly pushing out a fix. Leo says that once Microsoft makes an exception, the customer base will expect more of them. Will Microsoft release any more? Likely not. But the precedent has been set.