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What do I need for my technology for a trip to Vietnam?

Travel Adapter

Episode 1601

Sarah from Los Angeles, California

Sarah is traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia later in the year and doens't know what to bring with her for her technology. Leo says that most electronics are now rated for 110w-240w, so they can handle any circuit all over the world. But that plugs will be different. There are travel adapters for sale that you can pick up to plug in your power plugs. They should be the same as China, but you may want to be sure it's not a french adapter since Vietnam was once a French colony. As for your data and international roaming, it depends on your carrier.

Phones Can Legally be Seized at the Border


Episode 1394

When a story came out recently that a JPL Engineer was detained and his work phone seized, it caused Leo to do some research about your legal rights coming back into the country. Turns out that the 4th amendment's protection against unlawful search and seizure has been suspended when you're in "international waters," and that's what an airport technically is. So the Border Patrol and the TSA have the legal right to take your phone, computer and tablets and demand the password to access all your data.

How can I get internet while in Italy?

Episode 1313

Paul from Scottsdale, AZ

Paul's friend is getting married in Italy and they want to know how they can get internet in their room. Leo says to go to There, he can find where to go to get a MiFi card. A MiFi is a small credit card sized device that gets internet from a cellular network and turns that signal into Wi-Fi. That way he can pay through a local carrier in Italy and not pay international data roaming fees.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1239

Johnny Jet is in studio today and is going to spend the entire second hour with Leo, answering your travel questions! Johnny says to try not to check a bag. When he travels, he tries not to check a bag at all. When you check a bag, you're stuck with your airline. Even a trip of two to three weeks can be managed with a carry on. You can just wash your clothes as you go. All you need to do is google a local laundry mat to find out. Some will even do it for you for less -- like $10 a load.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1237

In light of yesterday's terrorist attacks in Paris, Johnny wanted to talk about what to do if you find yourself in a country that is experiencing widespread terror attacks. What do you do if you're caught in the middle? Johnny has been in the area of an attack twice, Mumbai and in New York for 911. First ... try and remain calm. You will be able to think if you're calm. Stay safe.

How can I find out if my phone will work where I travel?

Episode 1170

Tim from Cape Cod, RI

Tim is looking to get a cell phone that is GSM compatible for travel, and he wants to get the most compatible phone he can. Where can he find a good breakdown of that? Leo says that is great because it provides the specs for all the phones and what radio frequencies they support. There's also

How can I use my phone in Europe?

Episode 1161

Andre from Burbank, CA

Andre is taking his wife on a trip overseas and he wants to use his phone to post to Instagram and other social networks. Leo says that data oversees is a huge and expensive topic because people are wired everywhere, even when they travel. But he won't want to roam in another country because data roaming in obscenely expensive. The first thing he'll want to do it disable data roaming. He'd be surprised how many people come home to a data bill in the thousands and they hardly even used data.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1055

Johnny Jet is in Canada, not at the Olympics. He went to the London Olympics two years ago. Leo says that it's probably a good thing since on Twitter, the hashtag #sochiproblems is lighting up twitter with issues in rooms, unfinished hotels, and bad water. Leo says he'd rather go to the World Cup. Johnny says it's fun to travel to those destinations, but not during a big event like the olympics. It'll cost two to three times as much, it'll be tough to get reservations, and it's even more likely you'll get robbed during them. Better to go either before or after the event.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet

Episode 1045

Johnny Jet says he can often play the "bumping game," which means you volunteer to get bumped off a full flight and even get paid for it. It's a nice way to extend your vacation. You can check to see if your flight is full online by pretending to make a reservation. Then when you get to the airport to check in, offer to volunteer to get bumped. You can even do it online if you're on Delta. You can get up to $400 for a domestic flight or up to $1300 for an international flight. Johnny says to hold out for cash (more likely an airline credit). You can also ask for an upgrade.