International calling

How can I make international calls on my T-mobile phone?


Episode 1051

Juan from Los Angeles, Ca

Juan got the T-Mobile 100 minute talk plan with unlimited text and data for $30 a month. Leo says that's a great deal. Juan isn't sure he can make international calls though. Leo says that they charge $10 a month for an international dialing plan with reduced per minute rate. Doing the math, it's probably just cheaper for Juan to pay the full rate. Leo advises not calling, but going into the T-Mobile store to talk to a salesperson. They'll give him the information he needs.

Is Wi-Fi safe overseas?

Episode 1038

Nick from Anaheim, CA

Nick is heading to Paris and he wants to know if he can bring his T-Mobile flip phone. Leo says it would be a good idea to contact T-Mobile and get an international calling plan. He's also planning on bringing his laptop, but he's worried about Wi-Fi security. Leo says it's about as safe there as it is here, meaning that it's best to use encryption if he's visiting any sites that are public. He should avoid banking online if he can. Banks will encrypt his traffic, though. The greater risk is his email and logging in, so that's where he'll want to be encrypted.

How can I forward my calls internationally?

Episode 936

Yoni from Los Angeles, CA

Yoni is traveling over seas and he wants to know if he could forward his Virgin Mobile calls to Thailand. Leo says that Yoni's CDMA phone won't work in Thailand at all. So he recommends buying an unlocked, GSM phone that has a SIM card and then buy a local phone. Leo's first recommendation was to use Google Voice for forwarding the calls, but it won't work to overseas numbers, it is US-only. For this reason, it may be worth contacting Virgin Mobile to see if they have a world phone.