intel nuc

Which PC is Good for Digital Nomad Life?


Episode 1766

Matt from Pasadena, CA

Matt is looking for a way to be a "digital nomad" moving around because of work. Leo recommends the HP Mini Desktop PCs.  The chatroom says the EliteDesk 705 Desktop Mini G5 is very reliable and comes with a Ryzen Pro processor. He can save money over a laptop and it's essentially just a box. Also, look at the Intel NUC and the Asus Mini, or Dell's Micro PCs. If he's going to be on the road, going with a smaller form factor makes a lot of sense. 

What's a good computer for Ham radio operators?

Intel NUC

Episode 1276

Marty from Newton, MA

Marty is a Ham who uses his computer to run his Ham radio sessions. But the other day it stopped working. So now it's time to upgrade. He wants to find something inexpensive. Leo recommends the Intel NUC. It comes with everything he'll need and it doesn't take up much room. Since Marty already has the keyboard, mouse and monitor, a NUC is an ideal way to create a dedicated Ham radio computer. He may need to add a hard drive, but it's a great solution. Another option is the Raspberry Pi 3.

Where can I get drivers for a NUC?

Intel NUC

Episode 1167

Don from Cranston, RI

Don uses his Mac as a Windows machine and he's thinking of getting a NUC. Leo says that a NUC is an interesting idea -- it's kind of like a Windows version of the Mac Mini. Leo likes them. Leo says that if Windows doesn't have drivers for it, Intel will have them to download. Don can then put them on a thumb drive and install them. It's a good choice for a barebones system.