Why does Thunderbird work differently on each of my computers?

Mozilla Thunderbird

Episode 1680

Doug from Beaumont, CA

Doug has three different Windows 10 computers, but programs operating differently on all three. Incredimail has gone away, and so he tried Mozilla Thunderbird. Leo says that it probably has to do with how each computer was set up, which prompted POP3 instead of IMAP. You'll need to uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall. You have to use an IMAP server and port. What Leo suggests exporting the profile on the right Thunderbird computer, and import it into the other two.

Why doesn't Quicken work?


Episode 1466

John from Troy, NY

John had to get Quicken 2018 because his version was going to stop working. So he installed it and it's not working. It says it's missing files it needs and it won't let him reinstall it. Leo says that if he installs a backup of his old Quicken data, it could solve the problem. What Leo suggests is fully uninstalling the old program. Then he should reinstall the new program and import his data. A clean install is what's needed here.

Why am I getting error messages in Windows?

Episode 1350

Mike from Calabassas, CA

Mike got an error message that something had stopped working when he installed DropBox. He uninstalled it, but the error is still popping up. Leo says it sounds like the uninstall didn't get rid of all the necessary files and so the Windows registry keeps referring to them. He should go to DropBox and see if they have a removal tool. He can check his services in Task Manager too. That will tell him what it is and he can at least disable it.

Why can't my linux machine boot up?

Episode 1083

Jan from Placerville, CA

Jan upgraded his old netbooks with Ubuntu. But when he booted up, he ran into trouble. Leo says that most Linux installs have a boot CD mode and it's a good idea to try booting from that before installing it so he can see what works and what doesn't. Jan got his way through it and booted it up. Everything works fine. But when it turned it on the next day, he got nothing, just a command prompt. Leo says that it may be the install wasn't done at after all, and Jan just booted without the CD. So boot back to the DVD and run the installer.

Why isn't Windows working properly after replacing my motherboard?

Episode 1050

Steve from Big Bear, CA

Steve is having trouble with his screen refreshing a lot on his PC after having changed motherboards. Leo says that swapping out a motherboard is a huge change and it means he needs to do a clean reinstall of Windows after formatting the hard drive. Since Steve is using an OEM copy of Windows, it's trying to install the wrong video drivers. Steve should delete all the drivers from the device manager and reboot.