Put Most Programs on the C: Drive

When you see a C: drive and a D: drive on your new Windows PC, you should put most programs/apps on the C: drive. It's the faster drive (especially if it's an SSD), and you will probably be loading and unloading with frequency. The second reason is that Windows often expects to find applications on the same disk as Windows. Reserve your less speed-critical "Data" for the D: drive, which might be a slower, spinning drive. 

Can I move my applications to another computer?

Episode 895

Mark from Toluca Lake, CA

Leo says it's very difficult to move an app to another computer. Not only is it difficult just to move those programs, he's also moving them from 32bit to 64bit which in some cases is just not possible. Windows Vista has the capability to move programs built-in, but Leo doesn't recommend doing this at all. He really should buy new apps or install them from their original disks. Another option is to clone the drive from the old computer, and dual boot Windows XP and Windows 7 on the new computer.