What are the best social media sites to be on?

Episode 1087

Sam from New York, NY

Sam wants to know if he has to be on all social media sites or just a select few, and what are the best sites to be on? Leo says he'll want to go where his customers are, but at the very least, he should have a brochure website to drive his customers to. Leo also has different feeds for his content, for his show, and his links. But that takes some juggling.

How can I monetize my site?

Episode 1075

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Josh wants to create an online photosite on Instagram and other avenues, but how does he do that and pay the rent? Leo says he'll have to focus on building his audience and the money will come. He should build the community first. Figure out what he loves doing and base it on that. What he is passionate about is the best place to start. Since Josh has over a half million followers on Instagram, that's a heck of a place to build on.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1057

Johnny Jet's wife gave him some Stickygrams, which are refrigerator magnets with his instagram photo on them. $14.95 for a sheet of 9 with free worldwide shipping. Leo says they're fantastic, but Johnny should try "Boomf," which are instagram pictures printed on marshmallows! Also, at the Olympics, the Canadian Olympic team has a special refrigerator filled with Molson beer that will only open if you scan your Canadian passport! Leo says that's genius marketing.

Peter Krogh Says Instagram Owns Everything You Post

Episode 1005

Peter Krogh, author of the The DAM Book (Digital Asset Management) has released a collection of essays on Instagram and their terms of use and rights they reserve when you post your images using the Instagram app.

According to Krogh, the company claims a right to do nearly anything with the photos and videos uploaded to the service, including to sell them, forever. Krogh goes on to advocate for the right of the user to terminate their "contract" with Instagram at any time if they feel the terms are unfair.

Facebook Takes on Vine with Instagram Video

Episode 989

Leo says that Facebook was so insecure about users doing Instagram that they bought them. Now that users love doing video on Vine, they've added video to Instagram. Instead of 6 seconds like Vine, Instagram is allowing 15 seconds. At first Leo said it was great, but now he's hearing from disgruntled Instagram users who loved the app because it celebrated the still image. Now that's all gone and the timeline is polluted with videos.

Facebook Tries to Change Instagram's Privacy and Ad Options

Episode 937

Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 Billion. And this week, they attempted to change their terms of service to reserve the right to sell user photos without permission or opting out. This mirrors Facebook's terms of service which grants them the right to use member posts and names in advertising. Predictably, users were up and arms about it and revolted. And Instagram walked it back and went back to their old terms of service, which Leo says was worse because they were so vague. The lesson to companies?