Why can't I get my gmail lately?

Episode 1026

Louis from Phoenix, AZ

Louis says he's having trouble getting his Gmail lately. Leo says this has been the third caller with this problem. He adds that there was a problem with Google's Gmail back in September, but Google says that it's been fixed. Leo suspects it's more a local issue. Or it's possible that Louis's gmail account has been hacked. If he goes down to the activity link at the bottom right side, he can click on that and see if there's any nefarious activity going on. Leo also recommends looking at "All Mail" rather than any particular tab.

How can I download Yahoo Mail with Outlook?

Episode 963

Winn from Moorpark, CA

Winn has been having trouble downloading his Yahoo Mail with Outlook 2010. Leo says to delete the account completely from Outlook and re-enter it. It may also be that Winn has to buy the Yahoo pro account to have Pop3 access. Leo suggests dumping Yahoo and using Gmail instead. Gmail can collect all email for him and keep it central. It's also better at fighting spam.

Why isn't my email staying on the server after accessing it with PoP3?

Episode 962

Jerry from Whittier, CA

Jerry has multiple computers accessing the same email via Pop3, but he's missing emails. Leo says that's what PoP does -- it downloads the email and then deletes it from the server. Better to use IMAP instead because it leaves the email on the servers.

A better option is to create his own GMail account and then use GMail to retrieve his Pop3 email. Then it stays on GMail until he wants to delete it.