Is there an app for Windows that would allow me to put text on photos?

Episode 1160

Julian from Orange County, CA

Julian would like an app for Windows that allows him to put text on pictures. Leo recommends Google's Picasa. It's free, and it'll let him put text on his pictures, but also GeoTag each one so he can organize them on a map. Another option is, a free and simple replacement for Microsoft's own Paint program.

Backup Everything on Your Computer

There are several ways to make sure your data is safely backed up, and it's important to think of a backup strategy before a problem problems arise. Generally, the best policy for backup is following the "3, 2, 1" rule. This refers to having 3 copies of your files -- 2 of the copies should be on different forms of media, such as a hard drive and a CD or DVD, and 1 copy should be offsite. Off site could mean sending a copy to a friend or relative's house, or using an online backup service.