Organize iPhone Contacts by Groups

Contacts can be organized into groups on the iPhone or iPad to make them easier to find. However, it may not immediately be obvious that this is possible because Apple still doesn't allow you to create those groups on iOS 7 -- you can only view them. To create groups, you must do it in iCloud or from your computer. Here's how to create groups using both methods:

How can I sync my iPhone without having to upgrade my entire operating system?

Episode 975

Scott from Yucaipa, CA

Scott just got a new iPhone 5 and found out he can't use it without iTunes 11 -- he would have to update his OS as well! Leo says that's true, but Apple handles sync over the air now, so he doesn't really have to sync directly. He can use iCloud and iTunes Match, if he's a subscriber of it, to sync his music. He can also sync via Google Services.

Why did iCloud mess up the address book in Outlook on my PC?

Episode 918

Dale from Florida

Dale has a new iMac, iPhone 4S and an iPad for photography and decided to sync it all together with iCloud. When he synced everything though, iCloud shredded the address book in Outlook on his Windows computer. Leo says that's not surprising. Syncing can cause issues like this the first time around, that's why it's vital to backup his address book before trying something new. Syncing multiple address books in different formats (PC and Mac) really can be problematic. iCloud is a mess anyway.

Can I keep Snow Leopard and still upgrade to iCloud?

Episode 880

Nigel from Georgia

Apple wants everyone to be using Lion, and soon they'll want users to be on Mountain Lion. Leo says he'll probably want to upgrade to Lion because the only service that iCloud works with in Snow Leopard is Mail. He won't get some of the other features without going through quite an elaborate process. There is an article from EggFreckles.net that will help him use iCloud in Snow Leopard if he still wants to.