Apple Partners with Missing and Exploited Child Network to Scan Photos


Episode 1818

With the coming iOS15.0 update, Apple is going to be scanning your photos to look for missing and exploited child activity. Teaming up with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, the company will be scanning user photos on the iPhone and iCloud Photos and creating "fingerprints" that can be compared with known child porn images in a database kept by NCMEC. Leo has mixed emotions about it because while it's a good thing that Apple can offer a tool to protect and rescue kids from child porn.

Are My Photos & Privacy Going to Be Violated by Apple’s New Child Safety Initiative?

Child Safety

Episode 1817

Tom from Riverside, CA

Tom is worried about Apple invading his privacy with their new monitoring scheme. Sure, it's for the kids, but is it a slippery slope? Leo says it's important to really understand what Apple will be doing. The software won't be looking at photos, but at the digital "fingerprints" of each photo, and then comparing it to a database of known exploited child images. So, his privacy should still be protected. But he can always opt out of iCloud if it concerns him. But if he uses Facebook or Google Photos, they're doing it too.

Why Won't My Mac Calendar Sync to My Android Phone?


Episode 1804

Jody from LA, CA

Jody has a Mac and a Samsung Galaxy Android Phone. He used to be able to sync the calendar on both with no problem. But lately, he's been having issues with the built-in Mac calendar and the Android Calendar program. Leo says it's possible that Jody's Calendar hasn't been syncing to iCloud, which is what Apple does before syncing to other devices. Apple may have logged him out before an update. Also, make sure it's not requiring 2-factor authentication now. Look into the iCloud settings and make sure that the Calendar is syncing. 

Use Apple's Family Sharing With Up to 5 Others Members

If you want to let a family member use some of your favorite apps, media content, and iCloud storage, use Apple Family Sharing. It lets you share stuff with up to five family members, from music to TV+ movies. This is also useful for letting family members use your device without letting them know your individual Apple ID. As an adult (the organizer), just invite the others to join, then select which services can be shared. The other members still see their own personal content and recommendations personalized for their Apple IDs.

How Can I Restore My Old Photo Backups in iPhoto?


Episode 1750

Doug from West Hollywood, CA

Doug is a singing voice teacher who recently upgraded his Macbook Air with the new Apple M1 design. Leo says that Doug is the ideal candidate for the M1. But what Doug is experiencing is issues with his backups being restored. What Leo recommends is to use the old computer to upload all photos and videos to iCloud. Use the most recent version. The way the old iPhoto used to store them is in a big blob. Go to the Pictures folder and R/C on the library. Select "open contents." There he will see the original photos folder. Copy that over.