Sam Abuelsamid ... Plugged in

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1704

Sam joins Leo to talk about Ford's new Escape Plugin Hybrid, which charges batteries, as well as runs on gas.  The Escape is a crossover hybrid that merges passenger cars and SUVs. The Escape Hybrid has 10 times the battery life as a standard hybrid with 14kw hours. The fuel economy estimates on the Ford Escape Plugin Hybrid came out this week. The Escape can go 37 miles before the engine kicks in to recharge the battery. That's the equivalent to 100 mpg. The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid will go even further at 40-42 miles before kicking in the gas engine.

Sam Abuelsamid ... in studio


Episode 1575

Sam joins Leo in studio, and he says that while electric vehicles are getting more popular, it would still take 20-30 years to replace the entire fleet in the US. He drove to Eastside Studios in a KIA NIRO electrified vehicle. The NIRO Hybrid gets 50 mph, but you can get a plugin hybrid as well, which gets 27 miles on a charge. Or you can get a fully electric NIRO, which has a 239-mile range.