Is there a future for flash?

Adobe Flash

Episode 1751

Dean from Brea, CA

Dean wants to know if there's a future for Flash. Leo says that Flash has been steadily dying since Apple decided to abandon it a decade ago. Now almost nobody supports it anymore, especially YouTube and Google, which now uses something called HTML5. Even Adobe stopped supporting it. To use flash now would be more work, not less. And any site that is still using it is few and far between. No need to worry. Everyone is moving away from it.

How can I play HTML5 videos?

Episode 1314

CC from Fullerton, CA

CC is retired and is into YouTube videos now, but lately he's getting notifications to watch videos on HTML5. How can he watch those? Leo says that any browser can stream HTML5. YouTube has converted all videos to HTML5 now. If he right clicks on the video, it'll give him information on what kind of video is playing.

The chatroom says that CC could have installed a player as its default player and that's causing the confusion. CC should look in his browser menu and go to add-ons. If he finds one there, he should disable it.

When will Netflix replace Silverlight with HTML5?


Episode 1140

Bob from Shelbyville, NC

Bob wants to know when Netflix is going to replace Silverlight. Leo says that Microsoft dropped support for Silverlight a long time ago, and Netflix is slowly starting to change to HTML5, but it's not fast enough for most of us. Bob says that Silverlight goes away from time to time and it's frustrating. It has happened on the Mac. But for Windows, I.E. 11 uses HTML5. Since Bob uses XP Pro, he can't even use that. He's stuck at IE8. Leo says it's really time to get a new computer. The Chrome browser may be an option.

Do I really need Flash for streaming video?

Episode 986

Chris from Kentucky

Chris wants to know if he really needs to deal with Flash for streaming video. Leo says no. Thanks to Apple taking a stand against it, Flash has started it's painful death. Not even Adobe is going to support it very much longer. If he's on YouTube, he can go to and opt out of using Flash. As time goes on, more and more sites for video are adopting the HTML5 standard.

Why am I having problems streaming TWiT through Ustream on iPad?

TWiT iPad app

Episode 984

George from Santa Monica, CA

George has been having trouble streaming the Tech Guy through the iPad with Ustream. Leo says that's because Ustream uses Flash. If he prefers to watch from the browser, it could be that UStream's HLS Streamer was down. There is a TWiT App that works, but Leo can't do anything about third party sites like Ustream not working.

How can I create a website that I can embed HTML5 games in?

Episode 982

Nathan from Fort Collins, CO

Nathan and his friends want to build a website that embeds games via HTML5. Leo says to do this, he'll also need to learn javascript and CSS, with some additional javascript frameworks like JQuery and node.js. This is great stuff to learn, says Leo. He can put these things anywhere, but he'll want to have a site that will allow him to modify and post Javascript on it. He'll most likely end up using github for working on these projects.

Why are the videos I've recorded to YouTube suddenly showing up in 4:3 format instead of 16:9?

Macbook Pro

Episode 967

Shawn from Detroit, MI

Shawn has been using the camera on his MacBook Pro to record and upload to YouTube. However, recently it's gone from 16:9 to 4:3. Leo says that it could be the software that Shawn is recording from. He's been using the recording utility with Flash. It sounds like this is a known bug in that Flash utility, so Leo recommends using iMovie for recording.

Can I get Flash on my Nexus 7 tablet?

Episode 956

Fred from California

Fred got a Google Nexus 7 tablet over Christmas and he's not really that much of a fan. He's frustrated because sites that he visits that run flash don't work. Leo says no tablet handles a flash website very well, which is why websites need to be conscious of the mobile world and dump flash. It's antiquated, has security issues, and way too processor heavy for any tablet to handle. There are some ways to get flash on the tablet, but he won't like the results. If a site is ignoring mobile users, it's on them, not on the user.