How can I move an old website to a new one?

Episode 1451

Walter from Tallahassee, FL

Walter's partner passed away recently and he's trying to transfer everything from the old Expression website to a new site. He needs to use something that will transfer and develop the site.

Leo says that when using something like Expression Web, it's not standard. Leo says that if there's an export to HTML command, that would be a good idea to do. His ISP may have a tool that can do it as well. If so, that's the way to do it. But he'll have to get it back to a standard so it can be managed.

Why is my email so poorly formatted?

Episode 1369

Larry from Altadena, CA

Larry has an android phone and sometimes he gets an email message that comes out vertically, rather than horizontally. Leo says that sounds like a bad html format. Leo suggests trying another Gmail app called Inbox. Leo likes it better anyway. If it's not happening there, then it's fixed. If it is, then look in your accessibility settings. It could also be so many indents from replying that it's causing bad formatting.

Why does the font change in my browser while I'm typing?

Episode 1299

Richard from Burbank, CA

Richard has noticed the fonts change while he's using Yahoo Mail, and is wondering why that's happening. Leo says that there's something about his browser that is causing it. He may be accidentally hitting the keyboard combination while he's typing. It's usually "Control +" that he would hit. If he's using Chrome, then it sounds like a bug in Yahoo's javascript. Since it's being sold off by Yahoo, it's likely that they're not really addressing issues like this. The issue has been going on since 2012 and there's not much in the way of answers. He could try resetting his browser.

Why are the emails I receive showing up so large?

Episode 1291

Brian from Santa Ana, CA

Brian is having an issue where his email zooms in at 300%. Leo says that many emails now use HTML code and it sounds like there's some lousy code in there that's telling his browser to zoom it in. Brian says that he can look in his browser and it opens fine. It's just in his email client. Brian can press F3 in Chrome and it will allow him to look in the code to verify if the HTML code is wonky. It's probably at the end since it loads fine at first.

Why can't I see all of my email?

Episode 1229

Ed from San Marcos, CA

Ed bought a new Mac and transferred all of his data and email accounts from his old Dell. But now he's not getting all the text of his emails. Leo says that this may be an email provider issue. Apple comes with a fully capable mail program. Leo says to go into the account settings to make sure everything is entered properly. Also, if his ISP is using POP instead of IMAP, it's downloading all of his email and then deleting it from the server. If using POP Mail, it's possible that Ed is only getting new email, not the old ones because they're gone.

How can I adjust sizes of images in my blog?

Episode 1090

Ofer from Los Angeles, CA

Ofer is going to be reviewing websites and wants to link them by a thumbnail. He makes two images and it's just too much work. Leo says that using HTML and adjusting the resolution will work. It loads a full image, but shrinks it down to thumbnail size until they click on it. Very easy.

He can also do batch resizing. Irfanview is a great choice for that. Wordpress or Jumla has the option to do it rather simply as well. But when he inputs the link in HTML, he can specify height and width and it'll appear smaller.