Should I get an Apple or Windows laptop or tablet?

Episode 1024

Colby from

Colby's parents are going to get him either a laptop or tablet. Apple or Windows? Leo says it largely depends on what the school uses, usually. A tablet for school work is a tedious affair. So you'd have to buy a bluetooth grade keyboard for another $100. Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 in two days. Also check out the HP ChromeBook. A real laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS. You use Google Docs and you' have all you need and the price isn't all that bad at $279.

How can I get my HP printer drivers to work?

Episode 986

Don from Virginia

Don and his brother have the same printer and Don has non stop driver issues with it. HP has given him another model, but he's learned that Windows update may be at fault for corrupted drivers for a wide variety of printers. Leo's never heard it and doesn't buy it. In fact, HP hasn't been a great printer company for a long time. It's possible that drivers could have gotten screwed up, but it's very common for companies to pass the buck and blame someone else for their problems.

How can I get my HP printer to work?

Episode 977

Bob from Rohnert Park, CA

Bob has an HP printer that's acting up and HP's support is useless. Leo says that HP is so underwhelming these days. If uninstalling the driver and reinstalling didn't work, then it's possible that the spooler file is locked and can't be written to, and it's crashing instead. Leo recommends trying to boot into safe mode. Also be sure that the drivers are Windows 8 compatible. He should also try and create a new user account on the PC and see if that works.

My HP laptop won't start, and HP is saying it's because I put in a non-OEM battery. How can I get this fixed?

Episode 904

Tom from Newport Beach, CA

Leo says it's unlikely the battery damaged the laptop, and it sounds like HP is just using that as an excuse to wash their hands of it. Having said that, third party batteries are dangerous because often they don't have the right circuitry and could explode. Leo recommends buying an HP battery and then sending it back for repair under warranty. Then they won't have an excuse to pass the buck.

It is possible that he did somehow damage it though, and HP has this on record so they still may blame it on that battery.