HP printers

How can I get my HP printer to work?

Episode 977

Bob from Rohnert Park, CA

Bob has an HP printer that's acting up and HP's support is useless. Leo says that HP is so underwhelming these days. If uninstalling the driver and reinstalling didn't work, then it's possible that the spooler file is locked and can't be written to, and it's crashing instead. Leo recommends trying to boot into safe mode. Also be sure that the drivers are Windows 8 compatible. He should also try and create a new user account on the PC and see if that works.

Can I get an adapter cable to plug my printer with parallel port to USB?

Parallel Port card

Episode 912

Dave from Glendale, CA

Dave has an old HP laserjet and he's getting a new computer and is worried that he won't be able to use it. Leo says he can get a parallel to USB cable, but the drivers won't see it. One possibility is that HP makes JetDirect, an Ethernet connection for printers. Dave could instead get a Parallel port card to install in the desktop and that would allow him to see the printer.

What are your thoughts on the HP OfficeJet 8600?

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530

Episode 889

Steven from Syracuse, NY

Leo's not a big fan of HP printers. They're cheap printers, but they really get people on the ink. Leo would get an inexpensive laser printer because the cost per page is much lower. It won't print color as well though, and certainly won't do photos, but will be fine for charts and some presentations. Leo prefers the Epson Workforce All in One printers. Canon makes some decent ones as well.