Microsoft Catches Fire for Reading Employee's Personal Email


Episode 1070

This week, privacy advocates were up in arms over the story that Microsoft had read the personal Hotmail of an employee they suspected was stealing company secrets. The argument was that that Hotmail is a free service that Microsoft owns and since the employee knows that, they had the right to read his email to see what he was up to. Microsoft has promised to go through more mainstream legal channels before doing it again.

Is there an email provider that's easier to use than Yahoo! Mail? (Part 1)

Episode 901

Marge from Los Angeles, CA

Microsoft has introduced a new email system that's much cleaner, easier to use and free. She can get it at It also has good junk mail filtering, and a feature called "Sweep" which will get rid of unwanted emails based on rules she can set. This is basically the new version of Hotmail.