Johnny Jet is still not flying

Johnny Jet

Episode 1703

Johnny Jet says that he's asked Doctors if they would fly right now and everyone said no, they'd rather treat COVID patients directly than be locked ina pressurized plane with a few hundred people that could be infected. But the TSA has reported a huge jump in travelers, up to over a half-million this week. Johnny says if you have to fly, Tuesday-Wednesday is the slowest. And book at the last minute.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1011

Johnny Jet heard the previous call about tracking your kids. He says that there's the Trakdot, which you use to track your luggage, but there's also a new device called the Tile, which is supposed to affix to anything and can be tracked with an app. It uses Wi-Fi. It's not available yet, though. The chatroom says it has a battery that isn't replaceable and you have to send it back to get it replaced.