How can I Get an Old Host to Redirect to my New Host?


Episode 1572

Svera from Oslo, Norway

Svera is a podcaster and his current podcast host is shutting down and is offering no support to redirect his podcasts to another host. It took him five months to make a transition and it nearly killed his audience. Leo says that's why it's so important to keep control of all your domain names. Don't let your host control that, as when they go out of business, you lose your site. When you control your domain name, you can easily set up a redirect. Leo also suggests getting it up over to Anchor.FM.

How should I host my podcast?

Mic and Pop Filter

Episode 1386

Mark from Costa Mesa, CA

Mark wants to do a podcast and his partners say Podomatic is great because it's free. But he's thinking of going with WordPress and their podpress plugin. Leo says that either would work. The difference is that doing it on his site will mean he absorbs the bandwidth costs. Podomatic uses ads inserted into the site to cover bandwidth costs and profit. But they handle the burden of scaling it up if his podcast gets very popular.

Why does SiteLock keep reporting that my site has malware?

Episode 1268

Steve from Rancho Mirage, CA

Steve said that he's been a HostGator customer for 9 years and had been very happy. They are associated with SiteLock, a site that scans websites to check for malware. His site got infected with malware, and SiteLock reported that to HostGator, who notified Steve they were going to take down his site. When he called HostGator, they forwarded him to SiteLock, and they presented him with an option to clean up his site for $300 or subscribe to a monthly service that would cost $97 a month.

How can I get my domain back up?

Episode 1174

Sean from Orlando, FL

Sean made the mistake of transferring his domain name in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. Now he is struggling with time outs. Leo says that Sean needs to talk to the domain registrar. But it takes time moving nameservers from one host to another. He might have to contact the original host and get them to release the domain name so the other host can pick it up. If he's hosting the site at home, then he'll have to run a domain server. This is the main reason why he shouldn't host the site at home.

Where can I host my podcast?

Episode 1090

Raymond from Thousand Oaks, CA

Raymond's boss wants him to do podcasts for work. Where can he host it? Leo says that LibSyn is great because it's cheap and they don't charge for bandwidth, only the storage for the podcast. At $5 a month, it can't be beat. It'll even submit the podcast to iTunes. Soundcloud is a great free storage option that will support podcasting. But it doesn't have as many features.

Can I use my Mac Mini to host a website?

Episode 922

David from Saint Louis, MO

The answer is yes and no. He can, but he needs to use DYNE DNS to port it first. Then he can host it. The biggest issue is going to be the bandwidth. Because he's serving, the key stat is going to be his upload speed. At 5 Mbps, if 100 people go to his site, it'll go down. Hosting his own email service could also violate his ISP's terms of service because of the potential for spam. If he has a good, "enlightened" ISP, they may offer him a static IP.

What does the phrase "The Cloud" really mean, and what kind of web hosting should I use for my podcast?

Episode 874

Trevor from Valencia, CA

"The Cloud" has become just a marketing term. It essentially means "the internet". The truth is, any web hosting is in the cloud. When companies say they have "cloud hosting", they really mean you're running on multiple servers instead of a single server. Depending on how it's implemented, this could be good or bad. Since Trevor has such heavy traffic to his site, Leo thinks virtual hosting (a "cloud" solution) is the best option. Basically, there are three different types of web hosting: