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Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1207

Scott joins us with the news that Sharp is selling their TV arm to HiSense, and is getting out of the TV business for good. Scott hasn't been much of a fan of Sharp TVs, and they only enjoyed about 3% of the market share. So it's not surprising that they're getting out. It's ironic, because Sharp invented LCD technology and will likely keep making the LCD screens for others.

Samsung is Getting Out of the Plasma Business

Episode 1097

Samsung announced last week that it was going to stop making Plasma TVs. So, even though it's a superior technology to LCD, Samsung joins Panasonic and Pioneer to give up on it. That leaves LG as the last company standing. It makes sense because ultra high definition TVs are coming online and they look beautiful at 60-70". It's bound to take over the premium level category.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1085

Scott thought it would be good to talk about the news story that RedBox is closing 500 low performing kiosks nationwide. Scott doesn't think that closing 500 kiosks is a big deal considering Redbox has over 36000 Kiosks so this only represents about 1% of all their DVD portals. Leo says that it could be a sign of the times as the DVD is dying as people opt for streaming. Blockbuster has gone under. Scott is now running a poll over at AVSForums on where do you get your movies.