home theater in a box

Do I really need an A/V receiver for home theater?

Denon AV Receiver

Episode 1335

Andrew from Manchester, NH

Andrew isn't much about home theater and wonders if it's really important to get an A/V receiver. Leo says it is, because the speakers in a TV are more of an afterthought. They assume he's going to get a home theater system. If he cares about the sound, which is half of the TV experience, then he'll want a home theater system. He can get a Home Theater in a Box that comes with a Blu-ray player, a mini receiver and a set of speakers for a few hundred bucks.

How can I broadcast audio from a movie wirelessly?

Episode 1223

Carl from Irwindale, CA

Carl has family outdoor movie parties from time to time. He wants to be able to broadcast the sound of the movie to people who are hard of hearing and have specialized hearing aids, or those who want to use wireless speakers. Leo says that there is one called TeleLoop which uses RF technology. Leo also says he can get a micro power transmitter that can basically create a low power local FM radio station that can broadcast the audio. Scott Wilkinson says that a Bluetooth solution would be a better choice. He'd need a Bluetooth transmitter for that.

What budget HDTV should I buy?

Episode 1215

Terri from Laguna Nigel, CA

Terri is ready to buy a new HDTV, what's a good affordable one? Leo says that the Vizio E series is a very good buy. She'll want to get a larger screen than she thinks. For 10 feet away, a minimum size is 55". Make sure it's LED Backlit with local dimming. To watch Netflix and Amazon, get the smart TV and Vizio makes the best smart TV apps. When she gets it home, she should put it into movie mode. It'll look better. She'll also want to consider getting a home theater in a box or sound bar.

Should I get a home theater system or just a sound bar?

Onkyo HT-S3500 660 Watt 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package

Episode 1204

Joshua from New Jersey

Josh is looking to get a new Home Theater system. Should he get a sound bar or a Home Theater in a Box? Leo says that the only reason to get a sound bar is because he doesn't want the complexity of a home theater system. A home theater system requires an AV Receiver, speakers, center channels, sub woofer and wire. But a sound bar can have the bar and a subwoofer for the better ones. Pioneer's Andrew Jones SB23 is the best according to Home Theater Guru Scott Wilkinson.

Should I rewire my house for my new home theater system?

Episode 1098

Chris from Lake Elsinore, CA

Chris is getting ready to upgrade his home theater system. He's looking at a 500 watt system. Will the 14 gauge wiring in his house handle it? Scott says that 12 gauge is what he usually recommends, and David says that 14 gauge should handle it no problem. Since it's a home theater in a box, it's 100 watts per channel, so that his wiring will be more than enough. The Chatroom says to make sure that the amp isn't a class D because that has strange wattage. But since it's a basic RCA HTIB, that's likely not an issue.