high definition

How important is upscaling in HDTVs?

Episode 1267

Jerry from Cameron Park, CA

Jerry's elderly mother has UVerse cable, and she can't afford the HD service. Currently she has an old Sharp 720p TV, and Jerry wanted to replace that for her. Should he buy a 720p TV or a newer 1080p? He was told that the newer, smaller 1080p TV sets don't upscale. Leo says it's a big deal if an HDTV doesn't upscale, because standard definition will look a lot worse. The set top box may upscale, though. Better cables may also help. It also would help to use HDMI instead of composite if it's a possibility.

Why do the DVDs I make look worse than the video did on my computer?


Episode 898

Sam from Vista, CA

The footage Sam has imported on his computer is in high definition, and DVDs aren't capable of playing back HD content. It also could be an interlacing issue. If his footage looks like it's being viewed through window blinds, he should find software that will de-interlace the video. If he wants high definition, he'll have to author his videos to Blu-ray discs.

Ultimately Leo recommends watching the video on his computer since DVDs don't have much of a future anymore. He should make sure to keep backups of those videos too.