Why doesn't my computer wake up after going to sleep?

Sleep Mode

Episode 1148

Mark from Villa Park, CA

Mark has a 2 year old computer, and after a few minutes it just shuts off. Leo says it sounds like hibernation is enabled on the computer and that means it goes to sleep. Sleep is problematic because it can have issues waking up. It should wake up, reload the memory from the physical disk, and be active. But all too often it has an issue with this process. So Leo recommends turning off hibernate.

Why do I have to keep unplugging and replugging in my PC to get it to turn on?

Episode 971

Gary from Los Angeles, CA

Gary can't turn on his computer unless he unplugs it, waits for five minutes, then plugs it back in. Leo says that if Gary is turning it off with the hardware button, the computer may be going into hibernation and there are known problems with a system in hibernation. He should disable that first.