hearing aids

Are There Hearing Aids That Are Good for Live Music?


Episode 1675

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny wants to know if the new Quattro hearing aids are good for attending live music concerts. Leo says all hearing aids are designed to focus on speech. So music isn't really going to be an optimum experience. Leo doesn't listen to music with his hearing aids. He just uses headphones and normalizes the sound with an equalizer. 

Are there hearing aids that can work with my mobile device?

iHear Icon CIC

Episode 1637

Fred from Columbia MD

Fred called in to say that there's a new wireless microphone for the hard of hearing, which can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and Quatro hearing aids so that those with trouble hearing can participate in group conversations. Leo says that's a great feature. Leo loves that modern hearing aids can interact with your mobile phones in order to listen better.  Check them out here - https://www.resound.com/en-us/hearing-aids/bluetooth-hearing-aids.

What wireless headphones should I get for watching TV?

Sennheiser RS 120 II

Episode 1532

Seth from Long Beach, CA

Both of Seth's parents are now hard of hearing and they need headphones to watch TV. Is there a system that can do it for them? Leo says that hearing aids now can pair to the TV. So if they need a hearing aid, that's a good feature to get. But if he wants headphones, Leo got his mother a pair of Sennheiser wireless RF headphones. They work much better than Bluetooth.

How can I use my phone if I'm losing my hearing?


Episode 1482

Jan from Bakersfield, CA

Jan is starting to lose her hearing, and wants to know what she can do to still hear people when she's talking on the phone. Leo says he has smart hearing aids that connect to his phone via Bluetooth and he can hear his phone great. If she can't afford those, then she can get headphones or earbuds that will use the phone's headphone jack. Jan has been using Google Fi, so in getting a new phone, she'll need to either get a Motorola Moto phone or a Google Pixel. Those are the only two phones that will work on Google Fi.

How can I use my mobile phone as a hearing aid?

Starkey iPhone compatible hearing aid

Episode 1455

Bud from Montana, CA

Bud wants to know if there's a hearing amplifier out there for his mobile phone. Leo says his cost $6,000, so that's not practical. Some earphones have apps that would pipe the sound directly into his ears from the phone. Then he could just use Bluetooth headphones, but it wouldn't be the ultimate solution. This is all about to change as companies are designing their products to work with Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

How can I hear my old albums with age related hearing loss?

Vinyl LP

Episode 1327

Archie from Hawthorne, CA

Archie is getting older and having trouble with his hearing, but he loves to listen to old 78 records. He doesn't like listening with headphones because he can hear too many of the clicks and pops. CDs are too clean. Archie could use an equalizer to boost certain frequency ranges so he can hear them better. There may not be that much of a benefit if he's lost a lot of his hearing, though. There are hearing aids that are designed for that and they are programmable, but they aren't cheap.

How smart are hearing aids?

Episode 1240

Greg from California

Greg needs a hearing aid and he wants to know how he can use it with his other devices. Leo says that we've come a long way with hearing aid technology, and now the amplification of the hearing aid changes as you move. Additionally, some hearing aids can be paired via Bluetooth with mobile devices to hear them better. And some can even remember the audio settings of your location, so that when you are out at a restaurant, the hearing settings adjust so you can hear better.

How can I route my business calls to my iPhone?

iPhone 6s

Episode 1225

Benny from Phoenix, AZ

Benny just got hearing aids and he's trying to transfer his work calls to his iPhone so he can hear them through his hearing aids. Leo says that the Starkey App for the iPhone is great. But to route his business calls to the iPhone is a challenge. RingCentral has an app that can route it to his iPhone, but whether it works in concert with the Starkey app is another story.