Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 935

Scott Wilkinson went to see The Hobbit last night, not only in HFR, but also in Atmos. Sadly though, the projector crashed and he couldn't see it. Leo says that digital projectors are just computers and sometimes, they crash. The great irony is that it was a special screening of media by Dolby for the HFR and Atmos presentation. And the great irony is, that while there was a Dolby tech there to handle any Atmos issues, there was no projector tech.

Why will my 35' HDMI cable work at a long distance, but not at 8 feet?

Episode 926

Richard from West Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that either HDMI works or it doesn't. HDMI doesn't degrade like analog cable does. However, if he's coiling the cable together, there may be enough resistance and interference overlapping the cable to prevent it from working. Leo recommends going to MonoPrice.com to get a shorter HDMI cable. Get the right cable for the job and he'll see results.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 917

Leo's excited because he's got the Roku Stick, which uses the MHL/HDMI port and turns any HDTV instantly into a smart TV. Scott says it's a brilliant idea and the MHL part is really starting to catch on. It eliminates the need for a separate box. The problem with separate boxes or even smart TVs, though, is that there is no standard and different TVs have different deals with different providers. We need a unifying interface, which is what GoogleTV was designed to do, but didn't.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 891

Scott Wilkinson is back with some questions: Ian has 8 ohm speakers and 6 Ohm speakers and wants to know if he can get a receiver that can handle both of them? Ohm pertains to "impedance," which is resistance to the alternating current of an audio signal. Resistance is important because it prevents speakers from being blown out. The lower the OHM number, the greater the power drawn out of the receiver to the speaker. Onkyo, Denon or Pioneer are probably the best makers of an amp for that combination of speakers.