Scott Wilkinson

Episode 891

Scott Wilkinson is back with some questions: Ian has 8 ohm speakers and 6 Ohm speakers and wants to know if he can get a receiver that can handle both of them? Ohm pertains to "impedance," which is resistance to the alternating current of an audio signal. Resistance is important because it prevents speakers from being blown out. The lower the OHM number, the greater the power drawn out of the receiver to the speaker. Onkyo, Denon or Pioneer are probably the best makers of an amp for that combination of speakers.

Can I separate the audio from Skype from my videos while watching both on my TV?

Episode 882

Mark from Bloomington, CA

In Skype's audio settings he can choose where he wants the output to go. But Leo's not convinced that it wouldn't just put all of the audio into the device he selects as an output on Skype. He may need to have two sound cards to do that. The chatroom points out that if he had a USB headset, that would act as a second sound card. Then he could tell Skype to send the audio to the headset while still watching the movie on his TV through the HDMI connection.

Can I connect my Dell laptop to my TV via USB?

Episode 878

Cheryl from Palmdale, CA

No, the USB is not for connecting to the TV. That's for viewing photos from a USB thumb drive. She'll need an HDMI connection, but her Dell Latitude doesn't have an HDMI out. Many laptops will have VGA out, and it's possible that her TV has a VGA input. This would work, but it isn't the best way to connect it because it's analog, not digital. Her laptop does have DisplayPort for video, though.