Can you talk me out of getting a really fast laptop?

Lenovo Thinkpad W530

Episode 1008

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA

Steve wants to get a new Lenovo laptop with dual SSD drives and 32 GB of RAM. He's looking at a Workstation model, which is a desktop replacement. Leo says first and foremost, 32GB of RAM is way too much for the average or even heavy user. His biggest jump in performance would be from 4GB to 8GB. From there out, the speed boost can get to the point where the cost-benefit isn't all that great.

Leo also says that an SSD drive is great for storing the OS and apps on, but an SSD drive for storage is really not practical. It would be better to get a larger spinning drive.

Should I wait for a MacBook Air with Retina display?

MacBook Air

Episode 995

Albert from West Covina, CA

Albert is trying to decide between a MacBook Pro with Retina display and a MacBook Air. Leo says that Apple is probably waiting to refresh after they've released OS X Mavericks, which should be in a few months. Leo bought the 13" MacBook Air with the latest Haswell chip, and it's been amazing with the 12 hour battery life. That makes it an excellent selling point for someone like Albert who's out in the field a lot.

Intel Releases Next Generation, 'Haswell' Processors

Episode 983

Today Intel released the next generation i3-i5-i7 processors. Dubbed Haswell, the new processor is a 22nm architecture, which Leo says will get down to 14nm by next year. The Haswell processors will offer laptops very long battery life thanks to its lower power requirements. Windows Tablets will enjoy that as well. It will also offer improved graphics performance. New Haswell based laptops will be out soon.