How can I build a budget Linux computer?

Episode 1054

JR from Detroit, MI

JR has been a Linux guy for about 20 years exclusively. He's building a new computer with a fixed budget. Leo recommends going to PC Perspective's website and on the menu bar they have the HWLeaderboard. The Hardware Leaderboard lays out price ranges for building your own PC and what components you should get.

If he sticks with Linux, the issue will be drivers. The good news is that Steam is using Linux for their Steam Machines and as such, Linux support is growing.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

The Power Pot

Episode 1051

The Giz Wiz is back and this week he brings along the PowerPot, a camping stove pot that you boil water in and will charge your smart phone at the same time! It contains a lightweight thermoelectric generator that converts heat into DC electrical power. The company says their 5 volt PowerPot will charge cell phones, GPS units, iPods, and lithium ion batteries, or will run speakers, lights, fans, and other low-power USB appliances. It comes with 3 feet of heat resistant cable. $149.00


What can I do with an old FloTV?

Episode 1048

Chris from Culver City, CA

A few years back, Chris bought a FloTV, which took CES by storm with the potential of mobile television. It eventually died, but he made a few hundred off it when they closed the business. Now Chris wants to know if there's anything he could use it for. Leo says not really. There isn't anything on the net, at least. But at least Chris got a few months of use and even made some cash on it! Leo says that's why you should take emerging technologies at CES with a grain of salt.

What does Leo think of the Raspberry PI?

Raspberry Pi

Episode 1046

Sean from Norfolk, UK

Sean wants to know Leo's thoughts on the Raspberry Pi computer. Leo says it's a very interesting concept. Raspberry Pis are small, cheap computers that teach computer science to kids. Great for building projects. It runs Linux, and a lot of people use it for building home theaters. This episode of KnowHow on the TWiT network shows how to use the Raspberry Pi.

Should I buy a used or refurbished Mac?

Episode 1010

Roger from Gladstone, AL

Roger is thinking of getting rid of his Dell and going with an Apple. He has an iPad already, which he loves, but he's thinking of getting a Mac. It's more expensive, but Leo says it's also a professional grade computer. Since Apple has a smaller market share, there's really no viruses to worry about. If price is the issue, Leo recommends getting a refurbished Mac. Leo only recommends getting a refurbished computer from Apple, though.

What's wrong with my keyboard?

Episode 1010

Nef from San Antonio, TX

Nef's keyboard is suddenly typing strange letter and numbers. Leo says to be sure that the numlock or capslock isn't enabled. Keyboards can also get dirty and that could cause it. Keyboards are dirt cheap, and he can buy one and make sure it's just the keyboard that's wearing out. He can plug it in a different one, and if it works, he'll know his keyboard is going bad.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 999

Dickie D brings along to the show the Powramid Power Center. It's a surge protector that's ideal for a conference room (Or any place you need more outlets.) Placed on top of a conference room table, it provides surge protected power outlets for up to six devices, plus two USB plugs. The Powramid Surge Protector is available in black or white. On Amazon it’s available for about $22.00 at the link above.