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Do Both Imaging and Incremental File Backups

Imaging a hard drive is basically creating an exact mirror copy of the hard drive. The copy is bootable and can be blasted onto the same or new hard drive fairly quickly. Of course, it can get out of date since the image is "frozen" in time, so making an image every month is a good idea. However, it is also smart to make a file-by-file backup procedure for extra peace of mind. It is recommended to use both backup methods in order to conserve important media and files.

Why is my Mac running so slow?

Mac Pro

Episode 1470

Timothy from Fresno, CA

Timothy started a new job and he's using a 5-year-old Mac Pro. Leo says that's not that old, actually. Leo prefers them to the recent models. Tim says that there's not a lot of RAM — only 4GB. Leo says that 4GB is OK for most things he'll do online and for documents. But he recommends running the activity monitor to make sure all the RAM is functioning. Sometimes, though, a program doesn't release the RAM when it no longer needs it, and it may be that is what's happening here. The hard drive may be slowing things down as well.

How can I find out what files are taking up the most space on my hard drive?

Episode 1303

Chuck from Riverside, CA

Chuck says his hard drive is filling up, and he has no way of finding and deleting the files that are using up the most space. Leo recommends using a free program called WinDirStat, which will give him a visualization of the files taking up space. It will also give him the option to delete files. Chuck should just make sure to empty the Recycle Bin after he deletes files.

Why is my computer saying I'm using more space than I actually am?

Episode 1277

Walter from Huntington, WV

Walter has a Windows 10 computer, and the hard drive consists of 284GB in the apps and games portion, but the apps and games only seem to add up to 4.5GB. The total drive is 570GB. Leo recommends getting WinDirStat. This is the best way to see how much space is used on the hard drive. It's a more visual representation of what's free and what's used.

How can I transfer files from my Windows XP computer to my Windows 7 computer?

Episode 1179

George from Tarzana, CA

George would like to know the best way to transfer his files from his old Windows XP computer to his Windows 7 system. Leo says that Microsoft has a files transfer program built into Windows that does a fairly good job. But this is a great opportunity for George to make a backup. He should go and buy a USB external hard drive, and backup everything in his Documents folder. The advantage to this is that he'll have a backup on a separate drive while transferring his files over to the computer.

My external hard drive makes clicking noises when I plug it in. Is there a way to get the data?

Seagate External Hard Drive

Episode 1007

Andrew from Covina, CA

Andrew's hard drive is starting to make a ton of noise. Leo says that's a sign that the hard drive is failing, and he needs to get the data off it and get a new hard drive. If the hard drive can't be read, Andrew has heard that he can freeze the hard drive and it'll make it run temporarily. Leo says it's a last resort and may just work, but he shouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. This is why it's so vital to backup.

Should I upgrade my old Windows XP desktop or get a new PC?

Episode 975

Mike from Syracuse, NY

Mike has an old XP Windows desktop, and the hard drive is getting a bit noisy. Leo says that's the first sign of hard drive failure. Being proactive and replacing it now before it goes down permanently is a good idea. He should back up his data and then replace it. Hard drives are cheap. Should he upgrade to a newer version of Windows? Leo says yes, if for no other reason because Microsoft will end of life XP next April. There will be no updates or security patches.