HAM Radio

What's a good computer for Ham radio operators?

Intel NUC

Episode 1276

Marty from Newton, MA

Marty is a Ham who uses his computer to run his Ham radio sessions. But the other day it stopped working. So now it's time to upgrade. He wants to find something inexpensive. Leo recommends the Intel NUC. It comes with everything he'll need and it doesn't take up much room. Since Marty already has the keyboard, mouse and monitor, a NUC is an ideal way to create a dedicated Ham radio computer. He may need to add a hard drive, but it's a great solution. Another option is the Raspberry Pi 3.

How can I become a HAM radio operator?

HAM Radio

Episode 1087

Avery from Tecumseh, MI

Avery also wants to learn to be a HAM Radio operator. Leo says that's a great pursuit for a 12 year old like Avery. He'll learn a lot about electronics with his first license (technician). Gordon West has a great site called the Gordon West Radio School, which will give him tons of resources for learning, including a book he can get to learn from. He can also give a listen to TWiT's HAM Nation netcast, which Gordon cohosts.