Can I use my smartphone for HAM radio?

Amateur Radio

Episode 1461

Allen from Marina Del Rey, CA

Allen is a HAM radio operator and came across a website called HamSphere. Leo says it's a software-based app for the smartphone or a Windows device so he could listen to HAM Radio using the Internet. Leo says it's a simulation, but it would allow him to talk to HAMs all over the world. It's called software-defined radio and he can even have a special call sign. It's worth a try.

Allen should check out HamNation here on TWiT. Maybe Bob Heil will talk about it.

How can I become a HAM radio operator?

HAM Radio

Episode 1087

Avery from Tecumseh, MI

Avery also wants to learn to be a HAM Radio operator. Leo says that's a great pursuit for a 12 year old like Avery. He'll learn a lot about electronics with his first license (technician). Gordon West has a great site called the Gordon West Radio School, which will give him tons of resources for learning, including a book he can get to learn from. He can also give a listen to TWiT's HAM Nation netcast, which Gordon cohosts.

What HAM Radio should I get as my first one?

Episode 1084

LaSalle from Logan, NM

LaSalle just got licensed as a HAM radio operator. Leo says that's great news and HAM radio is a great hobby. It's very important after a disaster because often every other communication is down. The FCC eliminated the requirement for morse code, so it's easy to get a basic license. He's looking at the ICOM radio. Leo says that they're great. Handy Talky is a great way to start out, and they're more affordable and would make him more mobile.

Bob Heil, Gordon West, and George Thomas for Hamvention

Episode 875

Bob, Gordon and George join us from HamVention. They’re the cohosts of HAM NATION here on TWiT. Heil says that Dayton has been the mecca of Ham radio since the mid 50s.They also have some kids at HamVention who are taking their license test this weekend. They’ve also announced a new Kenwood HAM Transceiver the first one they’ve released in many years. Mr. S. Suri is also awarded with HAM of the year.