Navy Vessels Have Position Faked on GPS, Causing Concern Hackers Could Start a War


Episode 1816

Over 100 navy vessels from various countries, including Russia and the US, have had their GPS location hacked to make it look like they are unlawfully entering a nation's waters. Leo says that the hackers have been quite busy with not only messing with military ship GPS but also commercial traffic. And it has governments concerned that they could accidentally cause an international incident or even conflict.

Why Can't I Open My Maps App In Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1787

Jim from Glendale, CA

Jim uses a 2013 Garmin GPS marine unit. But he can't seem to update it anymore with his PC. When he tries to download or upload from the device, the Mapsource service doesn't connect. Is that because his computer runs Windows 10, and it needs Windows 7? Leo says it may. Try r/c on the Mapsource icon and select "Compatibility Mode." So click on Start: go to the app and r/c. Properties. Compatibility. Or search for Mapsource in the taskbar and then select "Open file location." That will take you to the program file folder. Then you can try compatibility mode.

Is the Garmin Fenix a Good Smart Watch for Runners?

Garmin Fenix 5

Episode 1784

Melia from Lancaster, CA

Melia wants to know if the Garmin Fenix 5 is a good smartwatch for runners. Leo says that he uses the Apple Watch, but Garmin is one of the best in the category. If you're a road runner, Garmin is much better though, according to the chatroom. Much more accurate. Leo also says the displays are very good. And if it's a good price, why not?

Why Is My Phone's GPS to Inaccurate?

Pixel 5

Episode 1783

Bob from Warren, PA

Bob is having issues with Google Assistant and the GPS in the Google Pixel 5. The accuracy is terrible. You can ask GA where you are, and it'll tell you your home address. Leo says it sounds like the phone isn't getting a GPS lock, and as such, the phone's GPS isn't able to get a track. GPS needs three satellites to triangulate your location. It could be the GPS radio isn't that good, or it's lagging. There is a switch for accuracy in the location services menu of the phone. You can make sure the slider is reflecting high accuracy as well.

Can you embed GPS into a video on YouTube?


Episode 1730

Jerry from Hatfield, PA

Jerry watches YouTube travel videos and wants to know if you can embed GPS coordinates for Google Earth into a video like you can with a still image. Leo says that YouTube would have to support it. YouTube recently allowed notes linked to the timecode of a video, so it's possible. If the person making the video wanted to take the time to use that feature, it's possible. 

Why is my phone GPS lagging?

Samsung S20+

Episode 1728

David from Atlanta, GA

David has a Samsung Galaxy S8, and recently his GPS started lagging and losing connection with some of his IoT devices. So he bought a new Galaxy S20+. But it's doing the exact same things. Leo says that GPS is a line of sight technology, and you can lose connectivity when the signal is blocked. It'll work better from your windshield dash. When you get into a new area, it could take some time to connect. After this, it builds an almanac of connections that the phone can rely on. So for those first visits, it could take a few minutes.

Why doesn't my phone's GPS work?

Maps on Samsung

Episode 1720

Phil from Moorpark, CA

Phil did an update from his Samsung mobile phone recently and now he has to reboot his phone to make his GPS work in the maps app. Should he avoid the next update? Leo says that the August update is coming and it's important to keep your phone up to date, But in reality, it probably isn't the updates. Leo recommends uninstalling Google Maps and then reinstall it. Before that, try clearing the cache in the app settings. That'll get rid of any corrupted GPS data that could be causing the issue. Leo suspects that's the issue. If that doesn't work, reinstall Google Maps.

Can Starlink Satellites Be Used to Track You?


Episode 1717

Luke from Trucker on the Road

Luke wants to know more about Starlink and if it can be used for tracking people on the road. Leo says that Starlink satellites do not have photo surveillance capabilities, they are more like a cellular satellite, sending data up to the satellite and down to a receiver on the ground. It's very simple. Besides, there are plenty of surveillance satellites up there already. Not only that, but a mobile phone has GPS and it can be used to track every move one can make, even if they turn it off. And law enforcement can use it to track. It's a great violation of privacy that Google has fought.

What's a Good App for Hiking?


Episode 1681

Dan from New Jersey

Dan likes to hike and he's been using a hiking app called AVENZA, which offers maps of hiking trails of the nation's parks. It's also available on iOS and Android. The maps are also GPS enabled so you can see where you are. Leo says that going out in nature during times like this can not only be good exercise, but it can be reassuring, and having a map that is GPS enabled will help keep from getting lost.