gorilla glass

How can I get my iPhone repaired?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Episode 1392

Bob from Santa Barbara, CA

Larry dropped his iPhone 7 Plus and now the screen is completely shattered. He has since found out that Apple doesn't use Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. Leo says he doesn't believe that. More likely, Apple doesn't want to boast that they use Gorilla Glass. Even then, it's not indestructible. The harder a material is, the easier it is to shatter when it lands just right. That's why Apple was looking at Sapphire screens, but they are very expensive to make.

Should I get a screen protector for my HTC One?

Episode 970

Dino from Syracuse, NY

Dino has ordered the HTC One and can't wait. He wants to know if he should put a screen protector on it, though.

Leo says he doesn't use screen protectors because he hates the loss of the experience and he probably won't be using it for that long anyway. OtterBox is making cases for the HTC One. It won't save it from the glass breaking though. Even if it's scratch resistant, glass does shatter. The Gorilla Glass 3 though, is pretty tough.

Could an automotive repair shop fix scratches in glass screens?

Episode 878

Aaron from High Desert, CA

A lot of computer screens still use plastic, which is something you would not want to sand or try buffing because it's very soft. More and more computers and devices now use have glass protective covers. The LCD screen is beneath the glass on a phone, laptop or iPad. Generally speaking that glass is going to be something called gorilla glass which is made by Corning. This glass is very tough, which makes it harder to scratch but if it does get scratched, it's also harder to fix.

Can I remove scratches from my iPad screen with a banana?

Episode 877

Sam from Amsterdam

No, bananas won't take scratches out of the glass on the iPad. The glass on the iPad is gorilla glass made by Corning, so if Sam is going to be researching this, he should look for ways to remove scratches from gorilla glass. Ideas like using bananas to buff out scratches really are for buffing out scratches on CDs so they can be played. The glass on the iPad is much tougher, though, and won't be buffed out that easily. It's also nearly impossible to replace the glass on the iPad because Apple glued the glass to the LCD screen.