Could I waterproof my phone to take underwater photos with it?


Episode 1285

Tommy from Tustin, CA

Tommy wants to know if he could waterproof a phone and bring it into the water and use it as a camera. Leo says that there are water resistant phones, but he'd have to really understand what that means. IP ratings will tell just how water resistant it is based on 30 minutes in 1 1/2 meter of water. But that's in ideal conditions, too.

Which GoPro should I buy?

Episode 1172

Shell from West Covina, CA

Shell is looking at the GoPro Hero 4 and wonders what the difference is between the silver and the black edition. Which one should she buy? Leo says that the black model does 30fps 4K video. It's the fastest. There are other features as well. The silver offers an LCD screen, which the black doesn't. So it really comes down to what Shell wants.

Here's a chart to give her a breakdown of all the differences of GoPro cameras and the prices for each.

What's a good small camera that gives professional results?

Episode 1112

Bruce from Irvine, CA

Bruce is a bush pilot in Alaska. He's looking for a good digital camera that's better than a point and shoot, but not the size of a full DSLR. Leo says the best point and shoot right now is the Sony RX100. It's not cheap at $800 for the MKIII, but it has a 1" full frame sensor, an f1.8 24-70 zoom, and it's tiny. So it's easy to use and provides professional results.

What camera should I buy to record dancing?

Canon Vixia

Episode 1108

Chad from Portland, OR

Chad is a ballroom dancing choreographer and he wants to start recording his dances and archive them. He's trying to raise money for equipment on He's looking to get a camera and he doesn't know if he should get a Canon 5D Mk. III or if there's a more affordable option that will give him broadcast quality. Leo suggests that if it's a live performance, he should record with multiple cameras to get close ups, medium shots, and establishing shots.

How can I lift my camera high in the air?

Episode 1014

Tim from Ventura, CA

Tim needs to take some photos high up in the air and would like to tether a camera connected to his laptop. Leo uses a quadcopter for those kind of shots. It's called the DJI Phantom, it hovers and can be controlled by a computer or smartphone. Using a GoPro camera, he can use the smartphone app to see with it. The downside of the copter is that it only has about 15 minutes of battery life. So he should definitely buy extra batteries.

What video camera do you recommend?

Episode 961

Liza from Ontario, CA

Liza wants to get a new video camera and wants Leo's recommendation. Leo says it depends on what she's planning to use it for. Camcorders are disappearing as more people rely on their still cameras and smart phones. Both of which do really good video these days. Liza says they don't shoot for very long, though. She wants to record soccer games from beginning to end. Leo recommends the Canon Vixia HF-R300 for under $300.